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Yahoo Messenger Phishing Target

A Yahoo spokesperson has confirmed that Yahoo Messenger is the target of a phishing attack.

Yahoo Messenger for BlackBerry

Yahoo and Research In Motion (RIM) announced a new relationship to provide Yahoo Messenger service to BlackBerry users around the world.

AOL’s TOS Change Sparks PR Crisis
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UPDATE: AOL PR is listening and they chime in via comments to this post. Click the link below to read their comments.

MSN Messenger Targeted By Malicious Worms

Microsoft’s MSN Messenger is the latest in a long line of applications to be targeted by virus writers.

MSN Messenger Faces Bropia Worm Threat

A variant of the Bropia worm is targeting MSN Messenger, disguising itself as photo of a roasted chicken with a bikini tan line.

BlowSearch Launches Secured Unified Messenger

BlowSearch, a leading provider of Internet search tools, has launched the BlowSearch Secured Messenger, a Windows-based messaging program that encrypts information for secure online conversations.

Bropia Worm Uses MSN Messenger

A mischievous worm has been making the rounds, with help, in part, from Microsoft’s instant messenger client. Called the Bropia worm, the virus uses MSN Messenger buddy lists to propagate itself.

Cricket Integrates AOL Instant Messenger
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Staying in touch with friends and family just got even easier for Leap’s Cricket customers.

Don’t shoot the (Yahoo) Messenger!

Most anyone whose kids have become teenagers over the last few years has almost certainly at least heard of “IM”.

Yahoo! Messenger Available Through Cingular Wireless

Cingular customers can now stay connected with the Yahoo! Messenger community through their phones.

NASA Sends A Message To Mercury

NASA’s MESSENGER – set to become the first spacecraft to orbit the planet Mercury – launched today at 2:15:56 a.m. EDT aboard a Boeing Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

Kill The Messenger (Service)

You are familiar with the software applications that you run on your computer, but you may not be familiar with the dozens of programs running in the background on your computer. These programs, called “services” handle tasks like event logging, spooling files to the printer, and networking. One of these services, the Messenger Service, can be reconnoitered by spammers.

Yahoo Takes New Messenger Out Of Beta, Releases Version 6

Monday, May 24, 2004 saw the beta testing period end for Yahoo’s newest version of its instant messenger. The new version, 6.0, features a great many bells and whistles in order to improve the quality of IM sessions. The messenger breaks its features down into 4 categories: entertainment, personalization, productivity, and communication.

New Yahoo Messenger Includes Search

Today Yahoo debuted the beta version of their newest instant messenger, version 5.6. Yahoo’s newest version includes all types of bells and whistles, including new avatars and a stealth mode to hide you from certain users.

Stop WebPopups

A new very intrusive form of unsolicited advertising is sadly sweeping the internet by storm. If you are running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP, your Computer could be vulnerable to the new form of spam from the Windows Popup messaging service. These types of ads are known as messenger Spam or web Popup.