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What is SMS?

SMS, also known as short messaging service, is the rage in Europe and parts of Asia. Gradually SMS is gaining momentum in the US as a low cost messaging solution. SMS is defined as text messages, up to 160 characters in length, sent to mobile phones. In recent months SMS has become synonymous with any text message sent to a cell phone.

Performance Optimizing Syslog Server

We are quite often asked how many syslog message per second MonitorWare Agent can receive. The answer is not as simple as it may look. It largely depends. So I finally thought I write this brief article on the factors that influence syslog server performance. Obviously, you can also use it as a rough guide to optimizing your setup.

Numeric Unix Error Messages

It’s an unfortunate fact that many programmers are lazy about error messages. Very often, all you get is a cryptic “Error 5″, and you may be lucky to get that: sometimes all you get is an error return that you have to examine yourself with “echo $?”. You can’t even depend on that being the actual Unix error, but even if it is, what does it mean?

Web Services Reliable Messaging
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Unless the message exchanges of Web services are made reliable, organizations will not be able to trust them for deployment in industrial-strength business. In this paper, Prasad Yendluri, Principal Architect at webMethods, explains why there is a need for a reliable messaging solution that is independent of the underlying transport protocol used to transmit the messages, and gives an analysis of emerging Web services reliable messaging standards and the work done in this space previously by RosettaNet, BizTalk, and ebXML that forms the basis for the advancements in the Web services domain.

Vanishing Messages In Outlook Express

When I ran disk cleanup and selected “all” after I clicked “cancel,” it deleted all of my messages from Outlook Express. I want my messages back – can you help me please?

Extend J2ME to Wireless Messaging
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The notion of wireless messaging provides a whole new vista to J2ME. J2ME applications powered by wireless messaging have a platform-independent access to wireless communication resources like Short Message Service (SMS) and Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) for Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Networks, a mobile telephony system permitting inter-country communication.

Before proceeding with the details on how J2ME Wireless Messaging works, I will discuss, in short, the SMS and CBS messaging systems in a GSM Network.

Five Costly Errors That May Be Preventing Your Marketing Messages From Getting The Results You Want

What marketing tools don’t work for you? We ask this question when we welcome subscribers to our zine. Their answers are consistent: “We sent out a mailing and got no response,” they may say. Or they tell us, “Our letters, postcards, or brochures failed.”

The Great Debate: Text vs. HTML Email Messages
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Some newsletter publishers swear that HTML messages are the only way to go. Others swear by the virtues of simple text. Although newsletters were “traditionally” published as text only, HTML newsletters are on the rise — and it helps, too, that most email software these days is capable of displaying HTML messages.

A Simple Way to Create 7 Effective Autoresponder Messages

Email is the Net’s most powerful marketing tool. And autoresponders are the best idea yet for marketing with email.

What’s With All Those Error Messages?

Your software application pops up an error message with some cryptic message like “Unexpected Application Error”, “General Protection Fault” or “Illegal Operation”. You don’t have a clue as to what the message means. Illegal Operation! What did you do wrong?

Decode the Hidden Messages on Business Cards

Every business card creates an impression that reveals a lot more than you’d expect about a business. It exposes more than the printed words, disclosing its health and priorities. Cards can often say unflattering things, rather than the messages you intended. It can function as your silent ambassador or as a spiteful gossip. So make sure yours expresses precisely what you want people to remember.

Combating SPAM Problems in a Corporate Environment
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Perhaps no problem plagues the Internet as deeply as that of unsolicited junk E-mail, or SPAM. While there’s no doubt that SPAM can be annoying to the end users, SPAM can cause problems for both the network administrators and for those who own or manage a company. The reason for this is that SPAM robs your company of productivity and of system resources.

.htaccess Magic!

If your site is hosted on a Unix or Linux server which runs Apache, you may already be familiar with your .htaccess file.

Too many messages for Outlook Express

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Recently one of my Mitel SME Server clients took two weeks off. When he returned, Outlook Express told him he had 23,000 messages waiting on the server! Unfortunately, Outlook Express couldn’t bring any of those messages to his PC; it just hung.

How to Write E-Mail Sales Messages That Get Results

Free. . . Sale. . . New . . . Hot. . . Act now! These words announce yet another e-mail sales message. We’re inundated with e-mail pitches and wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. So, how do you write your e-mail sales messages so customers will open, and most importantly, act on them?

Increase Sales With Personalized Messages

I paid bills last night. After writing checks on the business account I noticed a little sticky note on the next check reminding me to get more checks printed.

How To Get Your Email Messages Read

Who’s reading the email messages you send out? Not as many people as you think. For example, research by Internet marketing firms suggests that only ten per cent of email ezines are opened and read.

Get More Sales With Your Sales Messages

You can get more sales with your sales messages by making sure they always include the following 7 key features.

7 Tips for Creating Effective E-Mail Messages

E-mail is quickly becoming the dominant form of communication in the workplace. However, because it allows speedy composition, less thought is given to the message than when pen and paper, or even a typewriter, was used in the office.

Increase Your Sales And Profits With Personalized Messages

I paid bills last night. After writing checks on the business account I noticed a little sticky note on the next check reminding me to get more checks printed.

10 Ways To Get Your Ads Or Messages Noticed

Do you post to message boards, e-mail discussion lists, classified ads sites, FFA sites or newsgroups? People will usually read the subject line before they read your ad or message, so it’s important they get noticed. Below are ten simple, but powerful tips to get your ads or messages noticed.