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Mermaid Hoax Show Blasts Ratings Records
· 11

You might think that a show about mythical creatures would just be good for a laugh, or maybe for indulging in a fantasy about how awesome it would be if there were weirdly beautiful almost-people living in the ocean. And …

Mermaids: The Body Found Documentary Still Fascinates
· 52

Mermaids have captured our imaginations for years now. From eerie stories about wild creatures luring sailors to their deaths to lovely fantasy tales about long-haired beauties grooming themselves on rocks, people can’t seem to get enough. When Animal Planet aired …

“Mermaids: The Body Found”: Real, Or Movie Marketing Strategy?
· 39

The ocean harbors many mysterious creatures within its depths, some of which us humans have a hard time imagining. Fish born blind because of the utter darkness they live in, oddly-shaped gelatinous beings with poisonous tentacles, and prey with camouflage …