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AT&T: FCC Report “Lacks All Credibility” AT&T: FCC Report “Lacks All Credibility”
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Although the AT&T / T-Mobile merger seems to be on life support, you’ve got to admire AT&T for their latest statement, one which proves that if they go down, they want to go down swinging. AT&T has hit back at …

AT&T T-Mobile Deal: iPhone Service Improved?
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AT&T looks to be on the defensive. Criticisms of AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile have been getting stronger, as is evident by Sprint’s public protest released this week. Many are worried about that the deal could lead to a wireless …

Sprint: “AT&T / T-Mobile Deal Would Harm Consumers”

Since last week’s announcement that AT&T, the nation’s largest wireless provider, is planning to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion, there has been no lack of criticism from many different outlets. Many worry that the deal could harm competition and in …

Buyout Or Bust: Who’s Next In Bubble 2.0
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The burning question, as Internet giants make a ritual of dining on user-generated startups, is about whether this bubbly climate can continue, and what, exactly, makes a good candidate for acquisition.