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Battlefield 4 to be Heavily Merchandised With Clothes, a Novel, and More

As publishers struggle with ever-growing budgets for what they hope will be blockbuster next-generation, many of them are looking for new revenue models. Some are turning to mobile, where a growing segment of casual gamers have proven willing to spend money on free-to-play titles and inexpensive, easy-to-develop games. EA, however, has revealed that its plans for Battlefield 4 will take …

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Rovio Partners With Hasbro For Even More Angry Birds Toys

Anyone who has casually perused a toy store lately can attest that the Angry Birds brand has grown to become one of the largest current toy brands. The birds and their pig nemeses can be found on everything from plush toys to lunch boxes – and there is even an Angry Birds-branded soda. This wildly successful merchandising didn’t come about …

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Zynga, Hasbro Partner To Make FarmVille Toys A Reality

The people behind FarmVille, Words With Friends, and Mafia Wars are teaming up with the people behind Transformers, Nerf, and My Little Pony to produce a line of real-life toys and games based on the popular social games. The two companies just announced the agreement, which give Hasbro the license to create and distribute “wide ranging product lines based on …

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