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Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Going After Etsy Sellers

If you’re thinking about painting “party likes it’s 1989″ on a coffee mug and trying to sell it on Etsy, you might want to reconsider. Taylor Swift, or more specifically, Taylor Swift’s lawyers, are reportedly going after sellers on Etsy with cease and desist orders for trademark infringement. If you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift has a bunch of trademarks. According …

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Spotify Lets Artists Hawk Merch, For Free, Directly on Their Pages

Spotify has just announced that artists can now list their merchandise directly on their artist pages, allowing them to link to any existing merch site – all for free. Through a partnership with Topspin, Spotify is looking to attract more artists to the service by letting them generate additional income with no additional cost. The Spotify/Topspin merch feature also allows …

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Rovio Partners With Hasbro For Even More Angry Birds Toys

Anyone who has casually perused a toy store lately can attest that the Angry Birds brand has grown to become one of the largest current toy brands. The birds and their pig nemeses can be found on everything from plush toys to lunch boxes – and there is even an Angry Birds-branded soda. This wildly successful merchandising didn’t come about …

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“Operation Fake Sweep” Seizes More Than $4.8 million In Fake NFL Merchandise

As reported earlier by WebProNews, the Department of Justice seized several websites claiming to stream the Super Bowl live illegally. Now news has broken that “Operation Fake Sweep” has seized over 4.8 million dollars in fake merchandise along with the several sites that were seized. Fake jersey, hats, t-shirts and other NFL associated apparel were among items seized, according to …

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