MercExchange Articles

eBay To Appeal Infringement Ruling

eBay’s potential damage payment to MercExchange over a patent infringement case hasn’t dimmed eBay’s hopes for the appeal process.

MercExchange Wins Judgment Against eBay

The Federal District Court in Norfolk, Virginia, has entered a final judgment on damages related to a patent lawsuit against eBay.

eBay Evades ‘Buy it Now’ Injunction

A federal court turned down a request from patent-holder MercExchange to hit eBay with an injunction that would stop the site from offering ‘Buy it Now’ as a purchase option.

Vonage Has To Pay Up

Verizon wasn’t able to milk almost $200 million and 19 percent royalties from Vonage, but the troubled VoIP provider will have to fork over some cash for being in violation of three Verizon patents, a jury said yesterday.

Google, AOL Finalize Billion Dollar Deal

The investment agreement that kept Google’s place as AOL’s search and advertising partner has been hammered out to the satisfaction of both sides.