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The Weapons Of Men In Black 3 Were Made With 3D Printers

I still haven’t seen Men in Black 3 yet. I was a big fan of the first film, but the sequel was a major letdown. That being said, I did always enjoy the design of the films. The aliens and their weaponry was always creative and unique. The third film apparently featured even crazier weaponry that was made possible through …

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Battleship Sinks At The Box Office

It looks as though hollywood just might be out of good ideas. The highly advertised, highly touted(by the studio) movie based on a game, “Battleship,” completely bombed at the box office this weekend. The summer blockbuster stars Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Decker, and pop singer Rihanna. It managed to make a measly $25.3 million which is a little over 10% of …

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Will Smith Slaps A Reporter At MIB 3 Premiere

While photographers, reporters, and various members of the paparazzi are always in the news for overstepping their bounds with celebrities, one Ukrainian reporter was on the receiving end of his own personal foul today when Will Smith smacked him in the face for kissing him. It all went down at the Moscow premiere of “Men In Black III”, where the …

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Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga Have Cameos in Men in Black III: Twitter Reacts

It’s been almost ten years since the “Men in Black” franchise has seen in the inside of a movie theater, so it’s not surprising that the studio behind the third installment is looking for a little help from certain celebrities to generate some considerable buzz. What better way to drum up interest than to toss a few pop culture icons …

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Men in Black 3 Trailer Released, Lady Gaga Rumored

It has been a while, but the dynamic duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back to battle against aliens in Men in Black 3. For this movie, making the movie series a trilogy, Agent J (Will Smith) gets to travel back in time to the 1960s, where more aliens are introduced, and an unexpected new cast appears …

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