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Melissa McBride On “The Walking Dead” And A Difficult Decision

Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on AMC’s hit zombiepocalypse show “The Walking Dead”, spoke recently about the decision her character had to make in a heartbreaking episode that aired on Sunday. It’s far from the first gut-wrenching tale the show has brought us; it’s not even the first horrific thing Carol’s been through. But what made this episode different was …

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Walking Dead’s McBride Speaks About Plot Twists

Fans of The Walking Dead witnessed some unforeseeable plot twists during a recent episode where Carol was forced into making some difficult decisions that put into question the very definition of humanity. Melissa McBride, who portrays the tough, but well-liked character, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the shocking events that unfolded. [Spoiler Alert] Carol recently confessed to killing Tyreese’s girlfriend. …

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The Walking Dead: Carol’s Devastating Decision

[SPOILER ALERT] Many fans of the hit AMC series The Walking Dead have been barking that the second half of Season Four has been a bit slow. The group was torn apart after the fall of the prison and each subsequent episode has focused on a different band of survivors and their fight to figure out what they should do …

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