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Ragan vs. Melcrum

Last week, Chicago-based Ragan Communications launched, a free service aimed at communicators around the world that’s a mix of social network, knowledge and information resource.

It’s captured a lot of imaginations and got off to a cracking start. When I signed up last week, there were about 250 members. Today, that number is over 500.

Also last week, London-based research and training firm Melcrum announced The Communicators’ Network, described as a business-grade professional networking community, that will be launching in June:

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Corporation 2.0: Businesses Embrace Blogging

More than half of global corporations are using Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, online video and RSS, according to a study from Melcrum. Those that are not yet embracing such communications tools plan to within the next 12 months.

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Survey: Corporate Use of Social Media

Internal communication research and training firm Melcrum is conducting a survey on social media usage in large companies.

A note I received today from MD Robin Crumby said:

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Serendipity and Podcasting

I experienced a bit of podcasting serendipity yesterday.

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Blogging at Melcrum’s Conference

Melcrum’s Strategic Communication Management Summit 2006 got underway about 25 minutes ago.

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Neville Hobson Speaking at Upcoming Events

We’re well into the summer now, halfway through the really quiet period when most of Europe goes on holiday. At least the weather’s fantastic, in all senses of that word.

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New Intranet Report Includes Social Media

Melcrum Publishing has just published a research report entitled Transforming Your Intranet.’

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A Promising Future for Intranets and Social Media

“Make communications more exciting” is how I would summarize the sentiment of all who participated in the two Melcrum workshops on intranets and social media that I co-presented in London last week and in Manchester the week before.

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News on the Go

Travelling to the UK today, ahead of co-presenting the second one-day workshop for Melcrum in London tomorrow on Enhancing your Intranet with New Technology: How to Make the Most of Social Media.

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The Conversation Is Rapidly Evolving

As I relax on my train journey back to Amsterdam aboard the high-speed Thalys TGV, I sit in reflective mode regarding this morning’s terrific panel discussion on the giant global focus group at the IABC Europe conference in Paris.

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