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Acetaminophen Warning By FDA: Overdose Can Be Fatal

The FDA recently asked that healthcare providers be mindful of the dosage of Acetaminophen they choose to prescribe patients. According to the government regulatory agency, more than 325 mg of the drug could have negative consequences such as severe liver damage. In certain circumstances, an excessive dose of Acetaminophen might even be fatal. The FDA made the reasons for its …

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Winter Tires Cause Health Problems, Swedish Medical Researchers Claim

At a time when Sweden will soon get hit with its usual seasonal winter weather, medical researchers are asking for a ban against winter tires. In the 1960s, these tires were first introduced to consumers in the United States. Metal studs inserted into the tire were made to enhance the friction on slippery roads, particularly those covered in snow or …

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Scorpion Antivenom Costs Arizona Patients $12,500 Per Vial

A scorpion antivenom that was cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last month is causing sticker shock for Arizona residents. The Arizona Republic, a Phoenix-area newspaper, is reporting that Phoenix hospitals are charging patients as much as $12,467 per vial of the antivenom. With a full treatment calling for three to five vials, medical costs can soar …

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WebMD Q1 Reports Exceeds Analyst Projections

With a built-in audience of millions of hypochondriacs, health information services site WebMD has posted a Q1 earnings report that was slighly better than analyst projections. WebMD, which also hosts information on pet health, posted a revenue of $106.9 million, which was expected, though lost 14 cents per share, a little less than the projected $0.17 loss. Site traffic was …

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