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Rush Limbaugh Fights Back Against Media Matters

Today in a tweet, @RushLimbaugh has brought to peoples attention the prevalent problem of media matters trying to put not only him, but other businesses out of business because they don’t share their political point of view. (image)@rushlimbaughRush LimbaughStanding up against advertiser intimidation by @mmfa. They will fail. You can help small business by going to 13 hours ago …

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Rush Limbaugh Launches New Twitter Offensive

On Thursday, March 15, Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he was starting to tweet. Over the course of a couple of days, he explained Twitter to them. Limbaugh compared Twitter to CB radio and made announcements on the air when he sent out tweets. “Twitter is almost like digital CB radio now. But all of this social networking, …

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TV News Turns Blind Eye Towards SOPA Coverage

Here’s an interesting query: If you were a general manager of local CBS affiliate and you noticed a great deal of Internet traction concerning steps the US government is trying to take in its efforts to eliminate online piracy, how would you cover the story? What if the general public’s reaction was largely negative, how would you cover the story? …

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