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Michael Phelps Making An Olympic Comeback?

After the 2012 London Olympics, and winning a total of 18 gold medals (22 medals in all) during his Olympic swimming career, Michael Phelps decided to retire at the age of 27. But has he changed his mind? Many began to wonder if Phelps would stay out of the competitive world of swimming after being vague about his future with …

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Four Olympians Lose Medals Over Steroid Use

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that four athletes who competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens will be stripped of their medals after analysis of stored urine samples revealed “adverse analytical findings.” Yuriy Bilonog, Svetlana Krivelyova, Ivan Tsikhan, and Iryna Yatchenko have all been ordered to return their medals and diplomas to the IOC “as soon as …

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Supreme Court Upholds Right to Lie About Military Honors

The Supreme Court of the United States actually ruled on another issue today that had nothing to do with Obamacare. The issue at hand was the Stolen Valor Act, which makes it unlawful for someone to falsely represent, verbally or in writing, that they were “awarded any decoration or medal authorized by Congress for the Armed Forces of the United …

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