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Kristen Bell Changes Her Mind on Vaccination, Argues That People Need to Think of Others

Kristen Bell admits to being “pretty crunchy” in her real life, but said having her children, Lincoln and Delta, changed her mind about the anti-vaccination movement that is putting American children at risk. “I thought, oh well, I’m probably not going to vaccinate because we don’t need it, those diseases don’t exist,” Bell told Entertainment Tonight. “In the research I …

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Worldwide Measles Deaths Hit All-Time Low

The World Health Organization (WHO) this week announced that measles deaths around the world hit an all-time low in 2012. The organization’s new mortality estimates count only 122,000 measles deaths worldwide in 2012, a full 78% fewer deaths than the 562,000 recorded in 2000. Reported cases of the measles have dropped at nearly the same rate, down 77% from 853.000 …

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Measles Still a Threat Worldwide, Says CDC

Though measles has been conquered in many parts of the world through the use of vaccines, the infection still poses a risk to global health, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the CDC, 430 children worldwide die of measles each day. Though the virtual elimination of the disease was …

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Measles Outbreak Sickens 21 At Texas Megachurch

Diseases that spread quickly among populations, such as measles, tend to move like wildfire through tight-knit communities. That is exactly what is happening as a measles outbreak continues to move through a megachurch congregation in Texas. Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, TX started experiencing incidents of the disease after a a visitor to the church contracted it while traveling …

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