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McScary: Are Adults Overreacting?

All we’ve heard for the past few days is how “creepy” the new McDonald’s mascot is. The mascot “Happy” was instead dubbed “McScary”. Anxious adults across the country have declared in conversations, news stories, and on social media that, “It’s a terrible idea!” and “It’s going to terrify children!” Except…we don’t know that. Pretty much all the pearl-clutching happening at …

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‘McScary’: Twitter Users Not Happy About New McDonald’s Mascot

McDonald’s will be introducing their new Happy Meal ambassador on Friday. The new mascot is said to bring “fun and excitement” to children, but comments on social media say otherwise. Users on Twitter said that the new mascot is scary and is bound to make children have nightmares. The new mascot is in the shape of a red happy meal …

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McScary: McDonald’s New Mascot Scares The Internet

McScary, or Happy as McDonald’s knows him, is the new Happy Meal mascot hitting North America. The smiling anthropomorphized Happy Meal has been a staple of McDonald’s marketing in France since 2009, but he’s just now making it to the U.S. The thing is – North Americans find him to be a little terrifying. On Monday, McDonald’s announced via Twitter …

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