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McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo Guy Tattoos Second Receipt

Of all the tattoos a person could possibly get, who would think of a McDonald’s receipt? Last week, a Norwegian teenager who goes by the nickname “Yolo” tattooed a receipt from the world’s most popular fast food chain on his right arm. Now, just days later, the 18-year-old does it again, this time with the bill from the McDonald’s receipt …

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McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo, Norwegian Teen Gets Inked Again

A Norwegian teenager got a tattoo of a McDonald’s receipt on his left arm Tuesday, a week after having a receipt inked on his right arm. Stian Ytterdahl, 18, shared a photo of his tattoo on his Facebook page Tuesday.  He tagged the photograph with the phrase “YOLO,” short for “you only live once.” He also posted a snapshot of …

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McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo: Norwegian Teen Now Has Second Receipt Inked On His Left Arm

Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Lorenskog, Norway, had a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his right arm as punishment from his friends. The idea was said to have started as a joke between he and his friends. The tattoo was his punishment for having too much success with the ladies. He was given the choice of getting either an image of Barbie …

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