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Protests In NYC, San Francisco Bring SOPA/PIPA Strike To First Life

We’re approaching the last leg of today’s SOPA/PIPA protest that delivered shocks throughout the Internet to Senators and lazy college students alike. Wikipedia suspended itself and Google made a pretty pointed statement. Still, while all of this heavy activity was happening on the Internet, there was a bicoastal movement that put some anti-SOPA/PIPA foot soldiers in the public space of …

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MC Hammer Announces WireDoo, A Relationship-Based Search Engine

Although you probably know MC Hammer as that guy with that song with those pants, the 49-year-old pop-rap pioneer has become quite the tech nerd in the last few years. He’s dipped his toes in startups and is a fixture at tech events like Tech Crunch Disrupt and the Web 2.0 summit And at this year’s Web 2.0 summit, Hammer …

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