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Matteo Renzi: Does Italy’s Young PM Mean Business?

In Italian politics, it seems to be a literal representation of, “out with the old and in with the new”. Matteo Renzi, who was sworn in as Italy’s prime minister, is seen as a fresh-faced youngster. He is in fact the youngest Italian prime minister ever sworn in. At age 39, he’s not exactly a child, but some skeptics continue …

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Matteo Renzi To Lead New Italian Government

Last Friday, Enrico Letta resigned as Italy’s prime minister after he was ousted from the position in a vote engineered by Matteo Renzi, his party rival, for delaying reform programs. As a result, President Giorgio Napolitano has tasked Renzi to take over Letta’s position. Renzi will be sworn in to be Italy’s prime minister within the next two days. Renzi …

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Enrico Letta Resigns: Renzi’s Eyes Are On The Prize

Enrico Letta officially resigned from the Italian Prime Minister position this week. This move follows a discontent by many in past months regarding his indecisive actions and slow-moving reforms. The Democratic Party agreed that changes in government and new reforms are crucial to maintain power until 2018, thus implying that he should resign. Foreseeing this moment, Letta made a last …

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