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Matt Groening: Digital Media Killed His Comic Strip

Matt Groening, creator of the hugely successful shows “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”, is seeing his comic strip of 30 years die off with print as digital media consumes the world of newspapers. The comic, “Life In Hell”, had a long and popular run among paper strips in L.A. Weekly and The Village Voice, but in a world where everyone has …

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Simpson’s Creator Matt Groening Helps Sell Macs to College Kids in the 80’s

As Holy Kaw and Comics Alliance points out, Matt Groening once did a promotional pamphlet for Apple in 1989. It was first posted Reddit, whose users never skip a beat when it comes to pop culture curation. The brochure is titled “Who needs a computer anyway?” and in 1989, that question was justified. The brochure itself alternates between Groening’s one …

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