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Optimizing To Target Geographic Location

With most of the major search engines embracing the geographic targeting, through local search engines or by organic search using regional information, users now have more options with which to optimize for. Be it organic listings or PPC listings, there are a number of things that users can do to improve their performance within each area.

Yahoo To Keep Site Match

Paid inclusion in search engines is a concept that seems to be going the way of dodo. During this summer, MSN and Ask Jeeves/Teoma have decided to shelve their paid inclusion programs. However, as we learned during the interview Brittany and I conducted with Yahoo’s Ken Norton and Grace Chen, Yahoo has no intention of giving up these aspects of their search service.

Identify Target Markets and Match Keywords for Increased Web Visibility

As your company evolved its web presence did you have a clear picture of the market for your product?

New Changes from Google and Overture


In a recent Google mail out sent to AdWords advertisers, Google announced that over the next few days they will be introducing changes to their AdWords program in an attempt to increase the relevance of targeted ads and increase conversions.

Yahoo’s Site Match Links Unveiled

Tim Mayer of Yahoo visited WebProWorld recently to set the record straight on the difference between how regular Yahoo results appear and how Site Match results appear.

The Problem with Site MatchTM : Creeping Commercialism Infiltrates Pure Search Listings

For over a year now, Yahoo has spent a lot of money acquiring assets that will allow them to grab market share from Google. They bought Inktomi, which is feeding search results to the Microsoft network, and they bought Alltheweb, and AltaVista, and Overture. Last month they unveiled plans that will integrate these assets. The most controversial of these is Site Match, which involves embedding paid links into the main index. There has been very little comment about Site Match from the noncommercial sector. Almost all of the grassroots discussion revolves around whether the typical ecommerce webmaster can benefit from the Site Match model, or whether he would be better advised to rely on free crawling and indexing. The commentary from the pundits is even more shallow, and discusses whether Yahoo has the right stuff to crush Google. This article, on the other hand, looks at Site Match from the perspective of a nonprofit webmaster.

Google’s Topical Match

To many web site owners, Google’s Topical Match is more like a leper attempting to find friends. Site owners, like the Romans of old, have developed great inroads into their sites and captured many links during the process. Unfortunately, Google with their “great wisdom” pulled up the ground under those roads like a great earthquake and virtually destroyed the landscape.

Should Yahoo Reconsider Site Match?

Can you feel the ground shaking beneath your website? Have you heard the news about Yahoo’s new Site Match program?

Yahoo Responds To Site Match Questions

Last week Yahoo launched Site Match, their controversial paid inclusion program. The Search Engine Strategies conference, and many online communities, buzzed with indignation at the new pricing structure, which requires businesses to pay both for being listed and for each click on that listing.

The Paid Inclusion Crisis

The debate over whether paid inclusion programs will reduce search result quality is spreading like a wildfire but the search engine getting the blunt of its burden is Yahoo.

Site Match Officially Launched

Ever since whispers about Overture’s new paid inclusion product were leaked at last week’s WebmasterWorld PubConference, e-Business professionals have been wondering when the service would be officially released.

The Site Match Stink

Apparently, there was a big stink during one session yesterday when Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan pulled Yahoo’s Tim Mayer up onstage to discuss Site Match.

Overture’s Site Match Revealed

Here’s the first breaking news from the WebmasterWorld conference: some very reliable sources have revealed the name of Overture’s top secret new product.

The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions

A Vision

The job given me by the Almighty Programmer was gatekeeper. The clouds parted below me and I could see a long sinewy line of expressions marching toward me in single file. Some looked like dates, others like digits and some (to be honest) looked like gibberish. One by one, they would try to get past me but I know no fear – for I am the RegularExpressionValidator.

A Match Made in Cyberspace

Along with starting a business on the web comes many new issues that were once nonexistent in the physical world. In addition to the possible infringement of trademarks, copyrights and international laws, floodgates to an overabundance of risks have literally been smashed wide open.

Perl regular expressions quick start

This page covers the very basics of understanding, creating and using regular expressions (‘regexes’) in Perl.

Currency Converter Server with C#
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Jeff Prosise has written an article “Currency Converter with ASP.NET Web Forms“, he pretty much explained how to load XML data with ASP.NET from the “Rates.xml” file. In this article I have created Currency Converter Server which can be scheduled to extract the data from third party site and build the “Rates.xml” dynamically.