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Mastectomy Dance Video Goes Viral

Most people would be terrified before undergoing surgery, but not Dr. Deborah Cohan. She held a dance party there in the operating room right before she was scheduled to go under the knife at the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center at Mount Zion. Cohan was diagnosed with breast cancer and was getting ready to have a double mastectomy. How …

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Facebook Allows Mastectomy Photos Following Public Outcry, Petition

Facebook has a breast phobia. Anyone who’s attempted to post art, breastfeeding photographs, and even photos that resemble breasts but are not actually breasts, only to have them removed, know this. We’ve covered Facebook’s wonky content-removal system plenty of times. Here’s how the script usually reads: Someone posts a photo on Facebook that depicts breasts in a non-pornographic setting; Facebook …

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