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Mass Faintings in Cambodia Possibly Food Poisoning

Mass faintings at two factories in Cambodia are continuing to spur investigations into the possible causes and working conditions of employees. On Thursday alone, 118 people fainted and and many suffered stomach issues at Shen Zhou and Daqian Textile factories, according to Reuters. “It was hot and I began to vomit, I had diarrhea and others had the same problems,” …

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Mass Faintings at Factories in Cambodia; More Than 200 Workers Fall Ill

More than 200 garment workers have fallen ill this week in textile factories in Cambodia, workers and the companies said on Thursday. A total of 118 employees passed out at work on Thursday at the factories run by Shen Zhou and Daqian Textile in Phnom Penh, police said. Workers also fell ill at a third factory run by New Wide …

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Mass Fainting At Cambodian Factories Leaves Hundreds Of Garment Workers Sick

A total of 118 garment workers fainted at factories in Cambodia, including two that manufacture clothes for big sports brands Adidas, and Puma. The workers passed out while working at the Shen Zhou and Daqian Textile factories located in Phnom Penh. Adidas and Puma are still investigating the incident and are expected to make a statement soon. According to Khem …

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