Mashup Articles

Optimize Enterprise 2.0

Optimize Magazine has an article by Howard Greenstein on Enterprise 2.0:

San Francisco Earthquake Google Maps Mashup

Wow, talk about your tasteless Google Maps Mashups:

Geosense Mashup Game – Test Your Geography Skills

I recently came accross this very cool game called Geosense. It’s a clever, fun game that uses a map [of course] and tests your knowledge by seeing if you can locate cities in the World within 10 seconds.

Local News, Google Maps Mashed Up

Riddle me this. What do you get when you combine Google News RSS feeds, your zip code and Google Maps?

Clooney at War With Gawker/Google Maps Mashup

Okay, even Gawker admits this could be phony, but it has to get written up: The New York Post’s Page Six says George Clooney is trying to destroy Gawker Stalker by spamming the system.

Cool Stuff for Developers Over on Scotts Blog

Scott Guthrie is a general manager at Microsoft. One thing I like is his blog. It’s been getting more and more popular with developers over the past few months.

Rabbi/Lesbian Mashup De-Fault Of Google

When you think of Rabbis, lesbians and glow-in-the-dark condoms probably don’t follow in the stream of consciousness. On Google Video, though, they are somehow linked and may cause some head scratching embarrassment if you leave it on Continuous Playback.

Mashup Friday TV Edition

Everyone has heard about The Sopranos map mashup, but it’s not the only television show that has received the mashup treatment recently.

PersonMaps Google Mashup

Always the mashup fan on the look for cool new apps., check out PersonMaps.

Sopranos Google Maps Mashup

One of the sessions that I covered over at Search Engine Roundtable was Rich Media and Video Ads where speaker Ian Schafer of Deep Focus previewed the Sopranos Google Maps mashup where you can view show episodes and other details by their location.

Congrats to Windows Live Local Team

It used to be a big deal when you got a great review in one of the computer magazines.

BlockRocker Google Mashup

This clever mashup from a Winnipeg, Manitoba native (I actually lived there back in my high school days) enables users to easily add items for sale and list in the online classifieds…

Cool Virtual Earth mashup

Chris Pendleton pointed this one out to me.

A War Over Google Maps

Can you say cool waste of time, boys and girls? I knew you could. Someone has taken the Google Maps API and created an online version of Risk, the classic military strategy game.

Find Me, Call Me; Google Maps and Talk Mash-up?

Imagine the value of an Internet service that starts with a search, continues with a detailed map location, and ends with a phone call directly to an advertiser through a VoIP connection. This is the train of thought that leads one to an API mash-up of Google Maps and Google Talk.

Paying Up For Google Maps Mash-up

The openness of Google Maps’ API has spawned a web phenomenon with slews of Google Map mash-ups. And they do make for a nifty bonus to any webmaster wishing to give visitors a better way to locate services. But, according to the New York Times, don’t expect Google to let you profit from their generosity without a cut of the action.

MSN Travel Is Frightful

Not to be outdone by Google and Yahoo!’s new travel and map offerings, MSN has extensive Halloween coverage of all things spooky in America (no, Dick Cheney isn’t on the list), whether you want to visit these “spiritually gifted” places in person or virtually.

What If Marketers Published APIs?

In the technology and Internet industries, a lot of companies publish what’s called an application protocol interface, or an API for short.

Marketing Conference Mashup

You’d think they’d realize their target audiences can’t be in 3 places at the same time, haha, event planners… gotta love em.