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Mr. Poo Is India’s Anti-Public Defecation Mascot

Warning: Those who have a weak stomach should not read this story. According to Unicef, around 620 million people (half the population) in India alone poops in public; that’s around 143,300,482 lbs. of feces every day. The rampant rise of excrement leads to higher risks in bacterial and virus contaminations of water, which is, to say the least, very unhealthy …

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‘Cookie Monster’ Arrested For Pushing a Two-Year-Old

Cookie Monster is well-known to have an obsession (addiction?) to cookies, but it seems that the blue Sesame Street character can also become a bit belligerent when he doesn’t get paid. According to a New York Post report, a man dressed as Cookie Monster in Times Square assaulted a two-year-old boy this weekend. The man, named Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, is reported …

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Before There Was Bugdroid, These Terrifying Creatures Were Proposed As Android Mascots

Most Android fans know and love Bugdroid, the adorable mascot of the brand. Even if you’re an Apple or Windows Phone fan, you can’t deny the little guy has a charm that’s unmatched in the mobile industry. The funny thing is – Bugdroid wasn’t the first mascot proposed for the brand as Dan Morrill has just revealed his terrifying Dandroids. …

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Mascots: Best Brand Accesories on Social Media

Apparently, brand mascots are back in a big way. With the ever increasing popularity of social media, characters who promote a branded lifestyle and assign a particular face to a product, are once again in demand. Carol Phillips, president of the consulting group Brand Amplitude comments on the utility of mascots: ” [They are] the gift that keeps on giving,” …

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