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Eminem Debuts New Video For ‘The Monster’ with Rihanna

Grammy award-winning rapper Eminem definitely pulled out all of the stops for his monumental single The Monster with Rihanna. While most fans are definitely familiar with the chart-topping record itself, Slim Shady decided to provide a visual of the record …

Eminem’s “Rap God” Receives High Reviews
· 7

No one knows more about media, controversy and mixed reviews than rap’s most infamous bad boy Eminem, and here it is again. But, this time the “Not Afraid” rapper hits the mark with impressive reviews. His latest single, “Rap God” …

‘Berzerk” Eminem Preview Makes Fans Excited
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Rapper and songwriter Eminem recently released a preview of his new single, ‘Berzerk’, on Slim Shady’s website. The video is a preview of what is to come on his new album titled “Marshall Mathers LP 2″. The music video clip …