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Texas Pregnant Woman Ruled Legally Dead Today

In a twist from recent life support legal battles, today a Texas family has won the case to release their loved one from life support. On November 26th, a 14-week pregnant Marlise Munoz was deemed brain dead from what was presumed to be a pulmonary embolism. ABC News tells us that according to the family’s lawyer, the now 22-week-old embryo …

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Judge Orders Hospital to Remove Life Support From Pregnant Woman

Marlise Muñoz has been on life support since November 26, at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. She collapsed in her kitchen with what doctors believe was a blood clot. She was also 14 weeks pregnant. Her husband found her unconscious and she was rushed to the hospital. Muñoz was being kept alive by respirator against the family’s wishes, …

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Marlise Munoz Ordered Off Life Support

Tarrant County District Judge R.H. Wallace has told John Peter Smith Hospital of Fort Worth that they have until 6PM EST this coming Monday to disconnect 33-year-old former paramedic Marlise Munoz from her ventilator. Her husband, Erick, has been fighting to get his wife taken off of life support since November. However, the hospital he sued refused to comply with …

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