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Blog Awards for the Underappreciated

More blogging awards are on the way.

Most Americans Don’t Read Blogs, So What?

A CNN/Gallup Poll finds that more than three-quarters of Americans – 76 percent – said they use the Internet, but only 26 percent said they were “very familiar” or “somewhat familiar” with blogs.

Del Monte Profits Down

Del Monte Foods said that its profit for its latest quarter went down 9.3% as a result of higher steel and energy costs.

Some Believe That Tysabri Will Be Back

Analysts believe that multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri may return to the market possibly as early as this year.

Ignore The Blogs At Your Client’s Peril…

That’s my new favorite motto, something that I thought of during my presentation at the NewComm Forum.

Michael Yang of Become On MarketWatch

Michael Yang of Become.com emailed me a few minutes ago to let me know he was interviewed by MarketWatch this afternoon.

Shanda and Skyline Gets a Chunk of Sina

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited and its controlling shareholder Skyline Media Limited has acquired about 19.5% of the outstanding ordinary shares of Sina through open market purchases.

30-year Mortgage Rate Falls Again

The fixed rate for a U.S. 30-year mortgage fell for the fifth week in a row, while short-term adjustable rates continued to go up.

PBGC Takes Over US Airways Pension Plans

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. took over bankrupt US Airways flight attendants’ and machinists’ plans.

Exxon Mobil Has a Record Quarter

Exxon Mobil reported its highest quarter ever with a fourth quarter net income of $8,420 million.

Discovery Labs’ Shares Suffer Due to Product Delay

Discovery Labs shares went down 20% after the company revealed that Surfaxin may not be launched until late in the year.

Google Has A Nice 4th Quarter

Thanks to strong holiday advertising Google posted a higher quarterly profit doubling its revenue in the fourth quarter.

U.S. Oil Companies Back in Libya

Occidental Petroleum says that it will resume operations in Libya after 19 years now that it has been given 9 exploration blocks there.

MediaBistro Debuts Media Blogs

Frank Barnako reports that MediaBistro has launched five blogs about the media business.

Mitsubishi Motors Gets Bailed Out Again

Mitsubishi Motors is getting a lifeline of $5.25 billion from its affiliated companies, after getting $4.8 billion just 8 months ago.

Riggs To Pay a New Fine

Riggs Bank pleaded guilty to a money-laundering charges and agreed to pay a $16 million fine.

Retail Expected to Slow Down

The National Retail Federation expects consumer spending to rise 3.7% in the first quarter.

FLYi Flies High

FLYi shares went up more than 40 percent following word that a creditor is getting rid of leases on 10 regional jets.

Monsanto Pays big for Bribes

Monsanto agreed to pay $1.5 million in fines to settle investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Justice Department.