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How To Make A Well-balanced Investment Portfolio
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Getting a good investment portfolio is something that everyone needs who does any kind of investing.

Browser Market Share Data

Speaking of browsers, I’m working with a client site right now that gets substantial traffic, and gets 88% of its visits from Internet Explorer (only 10% Firefox)! 95% of the IE visits are v. 6 right now.

GOOG Shares Set All Time High

Google stock hit an all-time high at 1:30 p.m. today, the second day after Google reported that it nearly doubled revenue over a year ago. Just after lunch, GOOG went as high as $483.13. Analysts predict this is just the beginning.

Asian Ad Market Has Room To Grow

Nielsen//NetRatings tested its new online advertising measurement service, AdRelevance, by cutting it loose in the Japanese online sector. The results show that while ad spending is significant, there’s still plenty of room to grow.

Google To Literally Corner Online Ad Market

Google is on pace this year to capture a quarter of all online ad spending, according to eMarketer, further increasing its dominance in the sector as the sector itself is projected grow at blistering rates. As Google snatches market share from Yahoo, online advertising in general will gain more ground against traditional marketing vehicles by 2010.

Miami Herald Taps SearchMax For Ads

Newspaper publisher McClatchy Company and local online ad tech firm WebVisible have deployed SearchMax at The Miami Herald as a follow up to its deployment at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Reaching The Online Latino Market

Though there are clear distinctions between the online habits of what AOL calls “acculturated” or “unnaculturated” U.S. Hispanics, the results of “The AOL Latino 200 Hispanic Cyberstudy” suggest that blended marketing is highly appropriate for this demographic.

Portal Personalization Market To Reach $9.9 Billion

The market for enterprise portals is expected to grow from $1.1 billion in 2005 to a whopping $9.9 billion by 2012, as companies look for faster, efficient, and lightweight technology for their mobile work force. Companies are looking for portals that are customizable, as they adapt to the rapid pace of the new business world.

Search Queries Offer Real Estate Market Clues

Bill Tancer is not surprised by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) announcement that existing home sales dropped in July.

AOL Video Seals New Deals

AOL is strengthening its own entry in the battle against the likes of YouTube and Google Video. Early this morning, the company announced that AOL Video has formed partnerships with 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group.

Sonasoft Experiences Record Growth

Business is booming for Sonasoft, a San Jose-based company specializing in backup, recovery, and replication software. According to the latest press release, both revenue and customer installations grew by 200 percent in the first half of 2006.

Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior

Are you Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior?

The Market for Executives

Despite increased demand for high-caliber leadership in all segments of the technology community, it wasn’t until fairly recently that we saw the migration of top information technology executives between the federal and corporate sectors.

Microsoft To Market Its Own iPod?

Microsoft is working on its own version of the iPod, according to a number of reports circulating. The wireless product could even be out by Christmas. A music service will supposedly be paired with it-possibly an all-new one.

Brand Names Target .Mobi Market

Mobile phones have become a common presence in society all over the world, and big name companies have raced to secure their presence on the .mobi domain. The approval of the top-level domain called .mobi created a section of the Internet focused on providing a place for websites optimized for the small screens of mobile phones.

Dinosaurs Merge As Dotcoms Dance

We are entering the era of the Internet Super Company. eBay chief executive Meg Whitman’s words to the Financial Times certainly alluded to that path, without admitting to any near-term plans from her company.

Market Yourself Like Your #1 Product

Analyze what differentiates you from others in your field. Map out a strategy.

NBC Sweeps Online Market In May

For the four-week period ending May 27th, NBC led all four major broadcast networks in attracting Internet users to its web properties.

Microsoft May Limit Employees’ Admin Rights
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Due to one of the new features in Windows Vista, many Microsoft employees may have their administrative privileges taken away. Most of the people employed by the software giant currently have full admin rights on their desktop PCs, but this is unusual state of affairs for a corporation. The change would be made to improve security.

Sales Mistakes to avoid: Jack Yoest Speaks Out

Business blogger Jack Yoest of Yoest.org is guest blogging over at my good friend Anita Campbell’s independent business industry leading blog and Forbes Favorite in Best of the Web in 2005 Small Business Trends.

Game Boy Could Cease To Be

The world’s longest-running game system may face a slow, quiet death. According to the president of Nintendo, the Game Boy line is not likely to be continued in the future.