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A Look At The Online Travel Market

When it comes to making travel arrangements 37 percent of consumers choose to go online and use a suppliers Web site directly while 20 percent of consumers use online travel agency Web sites. Still 43 percent of consumers say “It depends” which option they will choose according to a survey by market research firm eVOC Insights and RelevantView.

PayPal, eBay Crushing Google’s Options
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In terms of traffic growth and market share, it’s just no contest. So many more people hit eBay’s options that Google’s Checkout and Base may as well be invisible.

When Microsoft is beating Google at something, it can’t be a good thing. As Hitwise analyst LeeAnn Prescott noted in her look at how Google Base and Checkout have fared since last summer against eBay and PayPal, Windows Live Expo has a larger market share than Google Base.

Adjust Your Marketing

Some marketing fails because it does not use market feedback to help improve the ROI on the next generation of marketing. For example, if I make a couple sites and then take what I learned from making those and apply that to making more sites I will probably be more efficient than if I try to make many sites in parallel without collecting feedback.

Analysts Expect Blowout GOOG Earnings

In advance of the earnings call, any bets on how high GOOG can go today on Wall Street? Analysts have high hopes, so to speak, as tipsters come rolling in with unbelievable numbers for Q4 2006.

New Ideas for a New Market

Time Magazine made me Person of the Year.

Open Up & Say Growth

Matt points to an interesting article about using an open business model.

Google Dominating the RSS Market?

One of the things that has been interesting to see over the course of the past year is how Google has been quietly dominating the RSS market. While this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given Google’s market clout today it’s been interesting to watch it happening.

Web Site Competes For Textbook Market
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Buying and selling college textbooks was probably my least favorite part of my collegiate experience. I always had the feeling that I was being royally ripped off on both ends of the deal. Both the purchase and the buy back of textbooks seemed shady. Knowing that you were probably paying too much and that when you went to sell the book back you would be lucky to get a fraction if anything for what you paid.

No Answer to Google Checkout from PayPal

The NYT takes a look at Google efforts to take market share away from eBay’s PayPal. The two are in a battle for the right to process credit card payments of companies looking for an alternative to merchant accounts.

Online Video Market Continues To Grow

The popularity of Internet video is continuing to grow. During 2006 around one third of the US population will have viewed video on the Internet at least monthly. According to a report from eMarketer 60 percent of Internet users view videos on a regular basis. By 2010 they estimate there will be a 20 percent increase for a total of 80 percent of all Internet users watching video online. For 2006 there are around 107 million users watching online video. By 2010 the number is expected to increase to 157 million.

Mobile Entertainment Market To Reach $77 Billion

The mobile entertainment industry is large now but the future projected growth is off the charts. A new report from Juniper Research says that by 2011 the global mobile entertainment market will reach $77 billion.

Prayer of Silicon Valley

A little while ago one of my coworkers alerted me to the fact that news vans were showing up on campus. (I’m at our Mission College office right now, just a few miles away.)

Zune Drops To Fifth In Market Sales

After a promising start for the Microsoft Zune player, market sales dropped drastically.

Getting Started In The Forex Market

The Forex market is known to be a very lucrative market, with trillions of dollars exchanged daily.

Baidu Targets Japanese Market

Top Chinese search engine, Baidu, announced plans on Monday to enter the Japanese market in the near future.

Market Timing in New Verticals
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I recently made another post about the importance of brand building and niche markets, and Solomon Rothman commented that one way to go niche is to go stylized / have a unique delivery approach, which is totally valid.

Search Happenings November 2006

You’ve probably heard of Top 5 or Top 10 lists but probably not Top 7. This the spin of uniqueness SEO Space has done for their latest post: Top 7 Search Happenings November 2006.

Google Checks Out PayPal’s Market Lead

Google’s young online payment service, Checkout, is one of the few Google products to live up to the hype in some time. As of Cyber Monday 2006, Checkout halved PayPal’s market share lead.

Constructing an All-Weather Mutual Fund Portfolio

Equity mutual funds perform differently in different time periods as investment styles and sectors come in and go out of favor.

Mobile Market Stymies Google?

Yahoo and Microsoft have both made advancements in the “mobile” market recently, but Google was nowhere to be seen. This has left some observers feeling a little baffled, and one even asked, “Is Google flubbing mobile search?”

The “Anywhere Consumer” Is Here

Thanks to modern technology, a person can shop from pretty much anywhere, at any time. This person – a retailer’s dream – is known as the “Anywhere Consumer.”