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Unspinning PR

Nearly 150 people crowded into a private room at the Slug & Lettuce pub in London’s Soho last night for PR Unspun, an event organized by Chinwag Live.

Selling SEO Services Typically a Bad Business Model?
John Andrews recently wrote an article about how consumer ignorance and carnival barkers lead to a market that is a self fulfilling prophecy:

Google Marches On, Leads In Search

Searchers in the US made Google their choice in March 2007, as Hitwise reported a 64 percent market share for the search engine.

Ad Exchange Market Heats Up

It hasn’t been a secret in the industry that Doubleclick is working on an ad exchange that’s something along the lines of what we do at Right Media.

NIN Using ARG To Market New Album
I think the concept of marketing using “big games” or ARG’s is one of the most exciting marketing concepts that has emerged in recent years. The way it combines customer experience, co-creation, word of mouth, and customer engagement and lets not forget FUN, makes it a very powerful tool in a marketers repertoire. As Trent says though this is not just about marketing but a new form of entertainment.

Don’t Market to Ignorance!

“Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, I don’t know what’s in it?”

Building an Online Marketing Company Requires Sales

This is the first of a ten part tutorial.

It occurs to me that my accomplishments (and other entereprenuers lack thereof) are often due to basic sales savvy that is greatly lacking in many online marketing companies:  Now that more and more business is conducted online, there is a gap between supply and demand that can only be filled with a knowledge of how and why people make decisions to buy, or not to buy as the case may be.  This is the first in a ten part series:

Is Rocketboom A Dud?

Though Andrew Baron’s Rocketboom video blog has garnered a lot of attention as the benchmark vlog, it is also (inadvertently) becoming a case study in monetization. Baron doesn’t seem to mind this open experiment, except that he’s come to the realization that advertising just isn’t paying the bills.

Improving Odds of Connecting w/ Your Target Market

Kim Krause Berg had a interesting additional thought to my post about eye tracking. Her question, "What happens when your target market gets up on the wrong side of the bed?".

What’s the Most Important Blog Marketing Secret?

This article is the first in a follow up series on a popular article I wrote last week making the case for the need to market your blog’s content and how I believe the reason good blogs often go unread is do to poor marketing.

Even the Target Market Has Days Off
· 1
My husband, Eric, has been looking at me funny. He gazes at me all the time and I hate being stared at. Being mean as usual, I make him stop. Last weekend, I realized he’s been looking at me with a strange look in his eyes that I couldn’t intrepret. I’m mean, so last weekend I asked him why he keeps giving me weird looks.

He replied, “Because I’m not sure which Kim is present, so I’m looking harder to see who’s there.”

I laughed, because I don’t know either.

The Social Media Rant!

If you were just getting used to the word blog (short for web log) and you still do not know exactly what social media means, you need to catch up quickly! The next big shift on the internet is well underway and it will leave you behind, lost in oblivion!

Google Checkout Promotions Cost $58 Million Last Year

Nathan has uncovered the dollar amount Google spent in promoting Google Checkout in 2006 – $58 million. As Nathan points out, that’s the amount spent in promotions and $10-$30 coupons by Google, in an attempt to take some market share from PayPal.

Nathan adds…

The Japanese Mobile Market
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What’s different about the Japanese mobile market is that innovation is moving toward business models and marketing tactics instead of technical features and functions.

Attention Seizing Social Media Marketing Article

An article on SEOmoz written by Jane, ‘How to Leverage Web 2.0 & Social Media Sites to Market Your Brand & Control Your Message‘ covers about thirty sites that one can make use of for marketing.

Jane says about the article:

Know Thy Market: Beyond The Click-Through
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In marketing, with few exceptions, there’s no umbrella or blanket model that can be applied. Even if Coca-Cola’s omnipresent branding has worked over the decades because soft drinks are for everybody, most products are intended for select groups of buyers, target markets, with different motivations.

MSN/Live Search Nipping At Google’s Heels

Like a puppy chasing someone, Microsoft has been in the search engine pack hounding Google. They could be on their way to eroding just a bit of Google’s market share, but much has to happen first.

Google Set To Bust TV Ad Market

If there were any doubt before (and there wasn’t really), Google has every intention of busting in on the television ad market. A couple of job postings on Google’s website confirm that intent while shedding some light on why networks are so jittery about this media revolution.

Guide to Creating A Niche Website

Have You Heard of Duncan Carver?

Duncan Carver is one of those niche marketers who just disappears off on holiday for almost a year… because he can!

He is also famous for having created probably the best free link manager script

So Duncan is now back and proving that once you understand how to research a niche, and create a product to sell to that niche, the world really is your oyster.

Jupitermedia To Be Acquired By Getty?

The New York Post reports that Getty Images is considering a purchase of digital image rival Jupitermedia Corp.  The purchase price would likely be an amount substantially higher than Jupitermedia’s current stock price of around $8 per share.

Over the last few years Jupitermedia has become a major player in online imaging by acquiring more than 25 online subscription image sites including Comstock and Photos.com.

Video – Key to Small Player Market Growth

Brian Clark recently linked to a 51 page Michel Fortin PDF which was against writing long copy salesletters.

It is a great read for any web marketer. A few highlights:

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