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Microsoft Loses Search Share To Google

The latest Hitwise data indicates that almost 65 percent of all U.S. searches went through Google this July; given another month or four, the search giant is likely to hit the two-thirds mark.

Microsoft Search Gained Without Club Live
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When web services firm Compete stripped out the Club Live numbers from MSN/Live Search share, Microsoft still enjoyed a month to month gain in search.

The U.S. Mobile Search Market

Competition for the U.S. mobile search market will be anything but tame, due in part to the large U.S. online ad market and the influence of portals.

Google, DoubleClick Cast As Net Neutrality Fight

Sparks fly as Scott Cleland, president of Precursor Group and chairman of anti-net neutrality organization Netcompetition.org, receives the criticism he fully expected in assessing the likelihood of the Google offer for DoubleClick being blocked.

Microsoft Buys Its Way To More Searches
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MSN/Live Search received a substantial boost to its volume of queries after launching a game site that makes players use Live Search to gain points.

The In-Game Advertising Market

World-wide in game advertising expenditures will grow to $971.3 million by 2011 according to the Yankee Group Report, "Advertising and Games: 2007 In-Game Advertising Forecast."

Google Expands On Net Neutrality Issues

Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel Google has put together a three-part blog post outlining Google’s approach to Net Neutrality, what the company feels is okay for broadband providers to do, what’s not okay, and where they have misled the public.

Instant Messaging Market To Double

The global market for enterprise instant messaging will reach $688 million in 2010, up from $267 million in 2005 according to Gartner.

The firm estimates that IM will overtake voice, video and text chat for workers by 2011 and that 95 percent of workers in top global companies would make it their primary application for real-time communications by 2013.

E-mail will still have a role in communications because of its archiving capabilities. IM will be used along with e-mail instead of replacing it.

FTC Drinks The Telco Kool-Aid
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It’s sad to think parts of our free market economy have failed, become gummed up by the sludge of its own engine. It’s supposed to work, to drive us, keep us ahead of everyone. Only, it’s not so much anymore, the engine is aging, and though we try to wish it away, reality is setting in, even as vested storytellers perpetuate the myth to keep us wishing.

Facebook Apps Market Develops

It’s interesting to see that a market for Facebook applications — or widgets — is developing, although the prices are still small. In one of the latest transactions, Inside Facebook notes that Slide.com (run by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin) has bought the app Favorite Peeps for a reported $60,000. Another site, FaceWatch, has also written about the purchase.

Using Social Media To Market

Yahoo has some suggestions for using social media to market one’s website. With a little planning, the Diggs and Flickrs of the world can provide a boost.

Google’s Market Share Growth Slows

Hitwise reports that Google’s market share for May is 65.13%. While fielding nearly two thirds of all US searches is definitely not a bad thing, Google’s market share didn’t grow over April 2007. In fact, it actually declined 0.13 percentage points. While the amount is minuscule (representing 0.2% of their market share), for the first time in recent months, some of the other major search engines actually gained market share.

Portable PCs Drive Market Growth

PC shipments are expected to reach 356.7 million globally in 2011, an increase from 256.7 million in 2007, according to IDC’s "Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker" report.

How To Market your eBay Store
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At a recent session at eBay Live in Boston, the topic was "How To Effectively market Your eBay Store."



The eBay Market
The eBay Market


Making a Living Blogging

Today’s question comes from Joe Tao who asks:

“Is it a truth, based on your experience, that anyone can make a living blogging if they understand how SEO works”

OK it’s a bit of a big question, but the short answer is yes. However you will need to have a game plan, and here’s how I’d approach the problem.

Schmidt Pleased With Chinese Chief’s Performance

How’s this for a job: run the foreign arm of a gigantic corporation, and don’t worry about making any money for, oh, four or so years.  That’s apparently what Google’s Kai-Fu Lee has been told to do in China.  Yet Lee has other responsibilities, and CEO Eric Schmidt claims to be more than satisfied with the man’s performance.

Blog Post Knocks $4 billion off Apple Market Cap

A supposedly false-alarm that Apple’s Leopard (their next OS) and their much-talked-gadget-phone iPhone being delayed, caused their stock to nose-dive knocking over $4 billion off their Market Cap. This is indeed a phenomenal development in the Blogosphere – a blog article can have that fundamental effect in the real work and real money.

Beating The Unbeatable Google, Revisited

The opinion that Google can be taken on indirectly, by stealing its partner network sites that display AdSense, makes sense except for a couple of tiny issues.

The Google Kool Aid
Tamar linked to an interesting WebmasterWorld thread, Todays Webmaster & Their Relationship with Google, this week. The original poster makes some good points about how we’ve fallen under Google’s spell, spend too much of our energy focused on Google, think that Google’s guidelines are what define ethical seo, and give Google access to more data than we should.

Microsoft Buying Yahoo: Rumors Reappear
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A year ago, the two companies were reportedly in talks about a merger, but those conversations were dismissed as rumors and speculation. Well, here’s Microsoft and Yahoo 2.0.

Microsoft Sees Revenue Increase from Advertising
MSFT has issued its Q1 numbers and is expressing their satisfaction with the growth of their online advertising revenue.

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