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Google To Topple Baidu With Short Domain Name?
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Someone who’s too weak, lazy, or pressed for time to type eight letters and a period is in serious trouble.  But anyone who would rather type eight than three is just silly, and so Google China has unveiled a new domain name: G.cn.

Casual Gaming: An Untapped Market

At the first of the year, I wondered if 2007 or 2008 would be the year of the online game.

2007 is nearly gone, and not a peep out of anybody except the Casual Games Association, which says 150 million people play free, casual games online, outpacing game consoles, first-person shooter games, and massively multiplayer games.

Casual Games Association
Google Takes Aim At China’s Mobile Market

We’ve discussed cultural differences, censorship, and the lack of a home field advantage – these have all posed challenges to Google in China.  It’s now becoming clear that Google will also need to overcome its unfamiliarity with the mobile market to succeed in this country.

Demise Of Xohm? Perhaps Not

The $5 billion price tag to create Sprint’s WiMAX service, Xohm, looked like a deal-killer when the former CEO was forced out. A spark of life exists.

Google Says “Failing Wisely” Is Just Fine

Although we all do it, “guessing and checking” can sometimes make a person look like a monkey.  And yet, if I remember correctly, the guess and check method is actually identified in some textbooks as a valid approach to problem-solving.  Also, the guys at Google are generally fine with the idea.

Market Researchers Favor Online Panels

Eighty-two percent of market researchers in North America and 87 percent in Europe say they will use online panels more frequently over the next 12 months, according to the Greenfield Online Ciao Surveys "Online Research Barometer."

Mobile Market a Challenge for Google

While Google already sells ads on cell phones the company wants to expand it search service to more mobile devices.

Insiders Say Market Is Bullish, Not Bubbly

Maybe it’s not best to ask online players if online properties are overvalued. But the general consensus, save for an occasional cautious voice, seems to be that the market is bullish, not bubbled. Rational, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter.

Seattle Economy Still Tied To Microsoft

You’ve probably seen more than a few “used to be” towns; they “used to be” supported by coal, steel, or some other industry, but became troubled as times changed.  Now, although things are nowhere near that bad, some onlookers are questioning Microsoft’s role in Seattle.

Baidu Over Microsoft In Worldwide Search Market Share

Comscore released what it is calling the first comprehensive worldwide report on search engine market share, and Microsoft, third place in the U.S., falls to fourth on the world stage behind Chinese powerhouse search engine Baidu.com.

In fact, Google’s YouTube, if broken out from Google’s own data, would be the third most popular search engine and beat both Baidu and Microsoft, all by itself. That’s disheartening, as is this simple look at things:

Local Ad Market Drives Online Players Offline
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Reaching the typical brick and mortar small business and offering online advertising has compelled Internet players to hit the bricks themselves.

Exploitation of Passion for Profit

Buying Attention & Building Trust

With content that you freely distribute you are primarily trying to build relationships with people who don’t know you and have never bought from you. Since attention is limited you have to make your content accessible to gain market attention.

Highbrow = Low Readership

Most potential buyers can not distinguish between great information and average information, but most people…

Vertical Search Market Ripe For Growth

The vertical search market could see significant growth by adding new features, improving content and forming partnerships with existing Web sites according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "Vertical Search: Learning Lessons from Shopping."

Trutap To Enter Mobile Networking Market

I remain wary of itty-bitty screens, but another social network designed for the mobile market is reportedly ready to emerge.  This one’s name is Trutap.

YouTube Shapes Electronics Market?

I have some pictures of my dogs, a few of my car, and, mostly for insurance purposes, a handful of my home – this is all I really want or need.  The average person takes more photos than that, however, and may make videos, as well.  And a new report indicates that this average person’s choice of video cameras could be influenced by YouTube.

Google Wobbles In Chinese Search Market

For a while, it seemed like Google China was doing better – the company had partnered with Sina, bought a stake in Tianya, and received the Chinese government’s permission to provide content.  Now things don’t look so great – Baidu’s market share is up, and Google’s has gone down.

Use Of Online Data Providers To Increase

Market researchers around the globe are expecting use of online data providers and online access panels to increase in the next 12 months, according to "The Online Research Barometer," a survey by Greenfield Online-Ciao Surveys.

Online Office Market Gets Crowded

As expected, Google has finally launched its long-awaited PowerPoint-style presentation app — Google Presently — which was discovered by the ever-resourceful Ionut Alex Chitu earlier this year. It’s the final piece of Google’s online Office-style suite, which it is now pushing to sell to corporations in direct competition with Microsoft’s Office.

Bluepulse Taps Mobile Social Networking Market

Ben Keighran moved from Australia to Silicon Valley to position his company, Bluepulse, for big gains among the youthful crowd here that’s likely to embrace the service.

Google Mops Up Online Video Market

Another comparison, another win for Google.  In this case, the competition centers on online video, and in terms of market share (as determined by the number of visits), the search giant is 42 percent ahead of its nearest rival.

Big Growth for Social Networking App Market

In 2006 the social networking application market was relatively small, reaching $46.8 million, according to a new study by IDC.