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Despite Facebook Rise, MySpace Still King
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All the press and the industry observers talked about last year was Facebook, which made it seem like MySpace was soooo 2006. Social networkers, though, must not have been paying too much attention.

According to data from Hitwise, MySpace pulled in 76 percent of US visits to social networking websites in 2007, and 95 percent of them were return visitors in December. This can be interpreted that not only is MySpace commanding the vast majority of the social networking market, but also inspires some pretty fierce loyalty.

Google, Search Drives Health, Travel Traffic
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Websites in the health & medical and the travel categories received substantial traffic driven to them from search engines in November 2007.

November Search Share, A Poem

Google picked up more than 65 percent of the US search market in November 2007, while Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask all ceded a few tenths of a percent each in share.

ComScore: Yahoo, Microsoft Search Drop In October
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Time Warner’s sites including AOL saw a teensy drop in US search market share in October as well. Guess who gained?

Google Wobbles In Chinese Search Market

For a while, it seemed like Google China was doing better – the company had partnered with Sina, bought a stake in Tianya, and received the Chinese government’s permission to provide content.  Now things don’t look so great – Baidu’s market share is up, and Google’s has gone down.

Search Share Same As It Ever Was

August figures for search engine share as recorded by Compete found Google with two-thirds of queries made during the month.

ComScore qScore Tallies Well For Google

Search sites measured by comScore under their new qScore 2.0 methodology will benefit from the hosted and affiliated search traffic they send back to the main search engine. It’s a scenario that offers Google a heaping helping of share by comScore’s reckoning.

SES: Cruising The Search Landscape

Session talkers at SES San Jose 2007 bounded around the topic of the search landscape: what’s popular, and who’s the most used among the major players in search.

Microsoft Search Gained Without Club Live
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When web services firm Compete stripped out the Club Live numbers from MSN/Live Search share, Microsoft still enjoyed a month to month gain in search.

Microsoft Gains Not Our Loss, Says Yahoo

By the raw numbers, comScore’s assessment of June’s search market share showed a 2.9 point rise for Microsoft, while Google, Yahoo, and Ask collectively lost 2.9 points. Yahoo said the reason for this isn’t a zero-sum calculation.

Profits Fall At Yahoo, But Don’t Blame Search

Jerry Yang’s return as Yahoo CEO experienced a less than auspicious start to his first time back at the helm for an earnings announcement, as the numbers showed a dip in display ad performance.

Google Grows, Others Slow

At this point you start to wonder why bother: Google reins supreme in the realm of search, Yahoo doesn’t, neither does Microsoft, and everybody else might as well hang it up.

MGoogle Grows, Others Slow
MGoogle Grows, Others Slow
MGoogle Grows, Others Slow
Search Share: Microsoft Continues To Fall

The Hitwise count of US search market share found Google rising, Yahoo and Microsoft dropping, and Ask picking up a smidgeon of searches.

Yahoo Search Drops, As Does Its Stock

Yahoo gave away 0.6 percent of US search engine market share in March 2007, with Google and Microsoft gaining at Yahoo’s expense by comScore’s numbers. Higher expenses in the first quarter led to shares of YHOO sinking after hours.

Yahoo’s Core Rings A Little Hollow

Yahoo’s properties have gained overall by Compete’s computations, but the gains haven’t been led by the big name content areas like Search, Maps, or Sports.

Compete Tweaks Search Share Tracking

Hitwise and comScore have been the main sources cited for search engine market share from month to month; Compete has made some changes on its reports that they believe give them a solid alternative to numbers from the other firms.

Browser Market Share Data

Speaking of browsers, I’m working with a client site right now that gets substantial traffic, and gets 88% of its visits from Internet Explorer (only 10% Firefox)! 95% of the IE visits are v. 6 right now.