Silver Prices Lead To Surprising Show Of Optimism

Silver Prices Lead To Surprising Show Of Optimism

By Toni Matthews-El September 24, 2014

Silver prices fell to the lowest they’d ever been on Monday. While this may at first seem a discouraging sign, the word is that what will follow is a massive opportunity to buy. As of right now silver is trading …

A Lawsuit Concerning Facebook, a Marketing Company, and a Pizza Joint

I am a big fan of pizza. Maybe it’s my New York / New Jersey roots but there’s nothing like a really well done pizza with (insert favorite topping(s) here) sitting in front of a ballgame of some sort. You get the picture right?

Google Isn’t Dominating the News Market

In case you’ve missed the kerfluffle recently, the AP is rather dissatisfied with their relationship with the Internet, and Google in particular. Google is everyone’s favorite villain these days.

Social Media Market Still Miniscule, But Is Growing

Forrester Research just released a report that suggests the tough economy will be the catalyst for more spending on social media marketing.

eMarketer Predicts Shrinkage For Local Ad Market

It’s that time again folks. It’s time to write a headline that if someone doesn’t look beyond the statement it may seem a little odd or maybe even shocking. Of course since we are concerned with Internet marketing here this is actually a story with a pleasant ending.

Fusing The Concepts Of Search And Twitter

With all of the sniping that has gone on recently between Google and that annoying little pest that keeps landing on its shoulder called Twitter wouldn’t ittwitter-bird be nice to learn how to get value from one or the other?

India’s Mobile Market Growing Stronger

The U.S. search market appears to be pretty much wrapped up.  Neither Yahoo nor Google is especially strong in mobile matters, though, and the fight becomes even more of a tossup in India, where mobile services are expected to assume “a high growth trajectory.”

French Photographer Gets Layer In Google Earth

A French photographer named Yann Arthus-Bertrand is famous for many things, including an “Earth from the Air” exhibit.  It seems perfectly natural, then, that about 500 of his photographs have been used to create a new “Earth from Above” layer in Google Earth.

SEMPO Organizes Annual Meeting
SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, is organizing its annual meeting. For this round-robin discussion, it is bringing representatives from Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. All the companies will discuss together about their latest plans and initiative programs.

The Danger of Aggressive Ad Placement
When I did a recent Q&A thread one of the recurring themes with sites that were struggling was AdSense ads positioned above their content.

Many websites are never given the chance to grow because they monetize too aggressively and look to spammy to enjoy the benefits of organic growth and community building.

SEMPO Wants You to Get Involved

SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, wants people involved with SEM to take its 4th annual State of the Market survey.

The Difficulty With Grabbing Attention In Search
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Those much-revered top five placements on search engines for a given set of keywords only draws the viewer’s attention for seven seconds. Gord Hotchkiss sees this short attention span as a call to brands to keep doing their market research.

Market Research Continues to Move Online

A few months ago, I wrote about online panels, and I am finding more and more marketers moving their market research online.

Google Claims More Market Share For Itself

You’d think that at some point, Google would have so much that it couldn’t possibly grow any further, but despite having a lock on the top spot, Google continues to claim a larger slice of the pie month after month.

Google Being Investigated for Tax Evasion in China

Here’s a warning for Facebook–before they dive into China’s market–make sure you have your books in order. Google is allegedly being investigated for tax evasion by the Chinese Inland Revenue Department.

Baidu Chases Google In Mobile Market

Google’s determined not to lose in China, and to that end, the company is beginning to focus much of its energy on the mobile market.  Unfortunately (for Google), so is Baidu.

Google and BizRate.com Break Up
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Google Checkout Makes Shopping Sites Undesirable

As Google Checkout ramps up, many thin arbitrage / shopping aggregator sites are going to see a significant love loss from Google. In September Andrew Goodman wrote a piece on how paid search and organic search quality criteria may play off each other, after coming across a post on Inside AdWords where Google stated that some types of sites are likely to merit a low quality score: