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Marianne Faithfull Claims Drug-Dealing Ex-Boyfriend ‘Killed’ Jim Morrison

British singer Marianne Faithfull claims her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend “killed” Jim Morrison after accidentally supplying him with heroin that was too strong. Faithfull, the former girlfriend of Mick Jagger, told music magazine MOJO she is now the only person alive “connected” to Morrison’s death, claiming she was in Paris with her drug-dealing boyfriend the summer The Doors frontman died. Faithfull, who …

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Marianne Faithfull Hospitalized with Broken Hip

Singer and songwriter Marianne Faithfull was on vacation in Greece when she fell and broke her hip Friday. The extent of her injury required hospitalization and surgery on Sunday, according to a surgeon. The British native apparently fell on the Eastern Aegean island of Rhodes. “Mrs Faithfull fractured her hip as a result of a fall. She underwent a successful …

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