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Nick Cannon And Amber Rose: Just Friends Or Shiny New Couple?

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose have something rather unfortunate in common. Each person happens to be one half of a soon-to-be-divorced couple. Both marriages will end after shocking the public with the sudden news. Along with a recent business venture came the rumors that the two are looking to each other as a way to move on from previous relationships. …

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Mariah Carey Continues To Focus On Upcoming Tour

During difficult times, some people just like to stay busy. It looks like Mariah Carey is one of those people. Even though she is in the middle of separating from Nick Cannon, her husband since 2008, the pop singer is staying the course, putting her energy into her two kids and her upcoming tour. Carey took to Instagram on Saturday …

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Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon Has Something To (NOT) Say

For a man with nothing to say, America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon has said an AWFUL lot recently. One would think his elusive chanteuse and soon to be ex-wife Mariah Carey hadn’t slapped a big fat gag order across his mouth. Nick Cannon took to Twitter on Wednesday and hashed out his feelings in an epic Twitter rant. All …

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Mariah Carey: Did She Really Make Pie?

When Mariah Carey shared an image with her fans the night before Thanksgiving via Twitter, and alluded to the fact that she might soon be in her kitchen making pecan pie, fans no doubt raised their eyebrows–either in delight or grave concern. The photo shows her with hubby Nick Cannon and “dem babies,” as Cannon lovingly refers to his children, …

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