March Madness Articles

Duke’s Loss Defies Harris Poll Results

One of the great things about sports is popularity doesn’t mean much. Teams don’t win by being popular. They win because of a rare mix of talent, luck and execution. Whether or not the rest of the world approves does …

Will eBay Buying Habits Predict March Madness Winner?

While the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has hit its second week — Sweet 16, ya’ll — also known as the time the casual fan checks out and mainly the purists are left paying attention, that hasn’t stopped some entities from …

March Madness Breaks Records at ESPN

So, how many of you who filled out NCAA Tournament brackets are still alive after Thursday’s madness? Are you still confident in your Final Four picks? Did anyone pencil Morehead State into the Sweet 16? These are just some of …

Domino’s Pizza Gets In On March Madness

What is your favorite kind of pizza? Are you a pepperoni person or just cheese? Do you like a lot of vegetables on your pizza or are you more of a meat lovers fan? Would your favorite style of pizza …

Google Helps Fans Manage March Madness

Google is marking the start of the NCAA Tournament by allowing fans to take a virtual 3D tour In Google Earth of all 14 arenas were the games will be played. The company has created a special page to help …

5 Awesome Things To Do With Your IPad
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Whether you’re an early adopter or just hopping on board with the IPad 2, here are 5 really cool things you can do with it. Watch the NCAA Tournament for Free You may have caught Mike Sachoff’s article of March …

Facebook And Yahoo Back Kenny Powers March Madness Contest
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Kenny Powers, the main character from HBO’s Eastbound and Down, has partnered with K-Swiss for a March Madness Yahoo Tourney contest. The contest is inviting users to join the Tournaggeddon Yahoo Tourney Pick ‘Em group. Users will be asked to …

NCAA March Madness To Stream Free Online
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The NCAA said today along with its broadcast partners CBS Sports and Turner Sports, that it will make every March Madness basketball game available for free online as as well as on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Last year, the NCAA March Madness was available as a paid app for iPhone and iPod touch. Also available this year are free streams of the tournament outside of the U.S.


March Madness On Demand Player Sets Record

CBS and the NCAA said Friday their March Madness on Demand (MMOD) live-streaming video player attracted record traffic for the first day of the men’s basketball tournament.

In total, there were 3.4 million hours of live streaming video and audio consumed, over 20 percent growth compared to 2009, with 3 million more unique visitors to the MMOD video player. Both figures represent the largest single day of traffic for a live sporting event on the Internet.

More Than Half Of March Madness Fans Will Watch Online

With the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starting next week (March 16), it’s no surprise the majority (83%) of fans will watch coverage on television, while 44 percent will go online and 10 percent will use a mobile device, according to a new survey by Unicast.

Among those planning to follow the tournament online or on a mobile device, a majority will visit ESPN.com (69%). Other branded popular sports sites fans plan to visit include Yahoo Sports (42%), Fox (24%), CBS (29%), and AOL (17%).

NCAA Vault Puts March Madness Archives Online

The NCAA has unveiled a new website NCAA Vault, which features video highlights and full games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament going back to 2000.

The NCAA Vault lets users search for individual plays and highlights from their favorite NCAA men’s basketball teams and players from the Sweet Sixteen through the championship games.

CBS Upgrades March Madness Video Player

CBSSports.com said today it has upgraded its NCAA March Madness on Demand (MMOD) video player.

CBS said it will again offer a standard video player in addition to providing viewers with the ability to upgrade to a high-quality player delivering an improved video stream. Upgrades to the player include the ability of viewers of the high-quality player to watch picture-in-picture highlights of ongoing action inside a live video stream from the tournament.

CBS March Madness Traffic Up 75%
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CBSSports.com saw record-breaking traffic to its NCAA March Madness on Demand video player during the tournament this year.

In total, there were 7.52 million unique visitors to its video player, a 58 percent increase over 2008 figures. There were 8.6 million total hours of video and audio consumed, a 75 percent increase over 2008.

CBS Sports‘ coverage of the entire 2009 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship was up 5 percent from the previous year.

CBS March Madness Traffic Up 56 Percent
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CBS has announced that its March Madness on Demand traffic is up 56 percent over last year for the first day of the first round of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

The network said there were over 2.7 million unique visitors to its NCAA March Madness on Demand video player (56% growth) and a total of 2.8 million hours of live streaming video and audio consumed (65% growth).

March Madness Puts The Squeeze On Corporate Bandwidth

Beware the Ides of March, Shakespeare famously warned in Julius Caesar. The Ides of March bring a different madness in the modern world, usually associated with college basketball, and extends to your IT department. All that mad video streaming can have a huge impact not just on productivity, but also on the company’s bandwidth bill.
CBS Sports, NCAA

March Madness Comes to Facebook
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March Madness is a time-honored tradition for college basketball fans in the US, and this weekend is "Selection Sunday." That means it’s bracket time.

Millions of fans will be getting online to find brackets to fill out and chart their visions for the path to the NCAA championship. Many will likely turn to Facebook, and they’re in luck because developers like CBSSports.com, Watercooler and Citizen Sports have created March Madness apps where users can create brackets, participate in discussions and pools, and find news, scores and videos from the tournament.

March Madness On Demand Paying Off For CBS

CBSSports.com March Madness on Demand brought in 3.3 million unique visitors to the NCAA March Madness on Demand video player, a 129 percent increase over 2007 for the first four days of the tournament.

March Madness Driving Fans Online
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Sports fans are going online at greater rates to watch games and follow their favorite sports teams, according to a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

The "Third Annual Sports and Technology Study: Future of Sports Content Consumption," conducted by CEA and the Sports Video Group (SVG), found that 38 percent of sports fans will download and watch a game for free over the next two years, an increase of 10 percent from 2007.

Yahoo Mobilizes March Madness

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament draws plenty of interest, with Yahoo on hand to help out people who may be away from a television during the games.

CBS Expands March Madness On Demand

CBSSports.com said today that it would no longer require users to register for its NCAA March Madness on Demand video.

NCAA Hoops, Celebrity Deaths Top Google Searches

The top Google searches from the past week carry a sobering dichotomy of elation and sorrow as information seekers sought to join in the celebration of March Madness as well as take part in mourning the suicides of actor/comedian Richard Jeni and former Boston frontman Brad Delp.