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Elizabeth Vargas: Return to Rehab and Divorce

Elizabeth Vargas not only returned to rehab this past week, she and her husband Marc Cohn have decided to get a divorce as well. The 20/20 anchor and Good Morning America news reporter is seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. It was Marc Cohn who urged Vargas to go to rehab the first time around. “You have a problem. You’re an …

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Elizabeth Vargas And Marc Cohn Divorcing?

Elizabeth Vargas opened up about her struggle with alcohol dependency back in November, and admitted that she had sought treatment in a facility. Now, less than a year later, Vargas has announced that she is returning to a rehab facility to undergo treatment once again. “While on vacation this weekend, I decided to return to a recovery center,” Vargas said …

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Elizabeth Vargas, Marc Cohn Reportedly Split

Elizabeth Vargas is reportedly battling yet another bout with alcoholism. Back in November, the 51-year-old ABC News anchor revealed she’d been battling alcoholism for more than a decade. Within three months, she’d entered rehab twice with hopes of overcoming her addiction but to no avail. Now, she’s making a third attempt to prevail. However, addiction isn’t the only problem she’s …

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Elizabeth Vargas’ Husband Denies Cheating On Her

ABC journalist Elizabeth Vargas’ husband, Marc Cohn, is vehemently denying that he had an affair while his wife was in rehab. “I have no comment regarding vicious rumors about a so-called ‘affair,’” a spokesperson said on Cohn’s behalf to the Daily Mail on Thursday. “I have encouraged and supported Elizabeth’s recovery as her years of struggle have been hard on …

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Elizabeth Vargas in Rehab For Alcohol Abuse

Co-anchor of ABC’S 20/20, Elizabeth Vargas has reportedly checked into rehab due to alcohol abuse. She had been absent on the show for a long time and fans started to wonder where she was. All that was said was that she was on ‘medical leave’. It had not been released until recently that she has been battling alcoholism for a …

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