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Ask Challenges The Online Mapping Crowd

Ask.com launched its revamped Maps product at SES 2006 NY last week to the warm approval of users, and called out its competition on imagery quality.

Mapping US Census Data in Google Earth

juice Analytics has done a very cool job of intergrating US CEnsus Bureau data into Google Earth, resulting in some amazing graphics.

BlackBerry to Support Google’s Mapping and IM

This from the AP out of Canada…

Google Unearths New Mapping Service

Called Google Earth, the 3D mapping service brings a combination of aerial and satellite photos to the desktop.

Process Mapping is an Essential Step to Measuring Lead Generation ROI

It’s been well documented that quality of collaboration between sales and marketing directly impacts ROI.

Mapping In the Virtual World: Waypoints Worth Mentioning

Microsoft just announced the launch of their Virtual Earth service through MSN. The new mapping service gives users some unique perspectives by adding high quality Pictometry photography to the standard mapping fare. This will allow users to see storefronts whether they go looking for a McDonalds or a Hard Rock Caf.

Blog-Talk Downunder Draws Near
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Blogtalk Downunder is getting close now – and some of the papers being presented are truly mouth watering stuff.

Information Mapping Releases FS Pro and FS XML 2.1

Information Mapping yesterday announced the release of Formatting Solutions Pro (FS Pro) and XML (FS XML) 2.1.

Taming your Tomcat: Filtering tricks for Tomcat 5

Designing maintainable high-performance systems

The new Tomcat 5 server takes filters to a new level of deployment flexibility. Tomcat 5’s support for the upcoming Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 specifications gives filter writers a new way to integrate and deploy these flexible components — tapping directly into the request dispatcher’s operations. In this article, Sing Li takes you on a guided tour of the new enhancement and gives you some hands-on training. See how Tomcat 5 can benefit Web application frameworks and lead ultimately to the design of maintainable high-performance systems.