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Measure Map Joins Google

Google has picked up Measure Map, a very well reviewed web analytics site designed for blogs.

Congrats to Windows Live Local Team

It used to be a big deal when you got a great review in one of the computer magazines.

Flinging Flickrs, Hindu Temples, And Spam Maps

It’s Mashup Friday again at WebProNews, where we take a quick look at what’s making the rounds of the mashup world.

Sharper Focus for the Global Chain

Lean is about flow and the elimination of waste. Waste can be defined as anything that does not add value to the product – anything that the customer would not want to pay for.

Who You Are According To Google

A Google search can be a good barometer of how pervasive some stereotypes are in the world. If a search spider could sum up a nationality, a race, a religion in a few words, what would it say? What are Americans known for? What are the Europeans like?

Search for Map Services

Another goodie for those of you interested in locating web services and looking for a nifty new toolbar for use in ArcMAP…

Search Engines Chart Paths To Map Success

Among the big four Internet search destinations, AOL’s MapQuest leads a field that is getting very crowded with MSN, Google, and Yahoo pushing the mapping envelope.

Verizon Offers New Map Services

With local search marketing at the forefront of e-businesses, retailers and electronic service providers are funneling their efforts into micro-scale services. Verizon Wireless announced this week that they’re continuing that trend by offering three new map-based applications for subscribers seeking traffic and fuel information on the go.

Yahoos New Pretty Maps Are Doomed

Has Google disrupted the businesses of Yahoo and Microsoft? Yes! It got me out of bed to write this post.

Understanding Web 2.0
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This afternoon, I was in a Skype discussion with an old friend in the UK and part of our conversation strayed into a discussion about Web 2.0.

Paying Up For Google Maps Mash-up

The openness of Google Maps’ API has spawned a web phenomenon with slews of Google Map mash-ups. And they do make for a nifty bonus to any webmaster wishing to give visitors a better way to locate services. But, according to the New York Times, don’t expect Google to let you profit from their generosity without a cut of the action.

An Almost Scientific Test of Map Services

CNet’s Elinor Mills provides an amusing account of her not entirely scientific, but revealing, test of the four major search portals’ maps and driving directions. MSN, it turns out, wants her dead.

Site Map: Spider Food or Just A Light Snack?

Mechanical spiders have to eat. In fact, they usually have bigger appetites than the real-life spiders you squish under your shoe.

Google Brings Local Search And Map Search To Japan

As Google tightens its grip on the world of search (and the world itself), the company continues to embrace the international side of search. Every time they release a major product, it doesn’t take too long for them to introduce it to the rest of the world.

Google Testing Out Advanced Site Map Results

GoogleGuy has confirmed this user interface test being run by Google. These things happen all the time, so don’t expect it to actually be implemented…

Google Takes Over The World

…and renders it as a 3D map, of course, with today’s debut of the next step in its map offerings, Google Earth.

Process Mapping is an Essential Step to Measuring Lead Generation ROI

It’s been well documented that quality of collaboration between sales and marketing directly impacts ROI.

Gas Price-Related Searches Increase

A study conducted by comScore Media Metrix indicates search engine queries seeking lower gas prices has increased by 156 percent.

Daily Quake Replaces The Daily Grind

A new service debuted today, offering Californians a forecast of potential earthquake activity.

Transit Maps In Google Maps

Adrian Holovaty has whipped up a Firefox hack for Google Maps that allows you to see Chicago’s public transportation system.

Map Wars heat up

There’s a community being built around Google’s Maps. Very cool I’m jealous.

Now, I’ve seen Microsoft’s future mapping strategy and I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Don’t count us out yet. After all, we have TerraServer and a few other things that work well on maps.