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Microsoft Beats Google

It’s funny, a friend told me Microsoft couldn’t innovate anymore and that Google was going to eat its lunch.

Urban Mapping Turns To Local Search

Urban Mapping, a company that “prides itself on broad domain expertise,” has been around for a while – its maps have actually won several awards. It’s getting fresh attention, though, for what one person has termed its “natural local search.”

Microsoft Goes 3-D With Map Search

Virtual Earth 3D launched from Microsoft as a response to Google’s Earth program, with Microsoft’s version running in the browser as a plug-in instead of as a separate program.

Christmas Comes Early for Drop Spot Participants

The creators of the online gift sharing community known as Drop Spot restore a little faith in the human race by starting a chain of giving, linking cities across the United States.

Metrobot’s Unique Mobile Mapping Alternative

This is a cool map search utility, designed for mobile users.

Yahoo! Gets Trippy

Yahoo! continues to bank on social media and user-generated content as a means to capture eyeballs as the company officially launched its Trip Planner service today after months of beta testing.

Google Puts Europe On The Map

Google updated its map service in Europe to include street level views and driving directions in much of Western Europe. You may still be on your own, though, when trying to exit that famous London roundabout.

Google Bought Measure Map…

Valleywag alleges (do they ever do anything else, after all?) that when Google bought Measure Map, the deal allowed Google to hire two members of the team to be named later.

Yahoo! Adds AJAX/Flash Map APIs

Yahoo! has been promoting two new Yahoo! Maps APIs for AJAX and Flash that webmasters can work with to publish customized maps on their websites. The Yahoo! Maps team says each API has features that may cause one to “geek out.”

How About Another Ranking of Online Map Services

That’s what TechCrunch has done in a recent look at the services provided by the likes of Google maps, Yahoo!, Mapquest, Ask, and Windows Live Local.

65 million hit Internet map sites – Top 10 Map Sites

Some interesting numbers out of Internet research thinktank, ComScore media metrix …

Cool Stuff for Developers Over on Scotts Blog

Scott Guthrie is a general manager at Microsoft. One thing I like is his blog. It’s been getting more and more popular with developers over the past few months.

Lowdown on Performancing Metrics

Last week, Nick Wilson of Performancing mentioned their new blog metrics service has been in Alpha testing and will be released to public beta soon, as in tomorrow possibly.

GlobeXplorer Updates and Ask Maps Blogs…

Rob Shanks (President, GlobeXplorer) maintains a blog to provide an insight into his company’s mapping and online imagery services.

Site Maps and Your Website

Sometimes websites have so much information available that it becomes difficult for visitors to get to all the information.

SES NYC 2006 Wrap-Up

While I was only at the SES conference for a day, I enjoyed my time there.

Find A Soprano On Google Maps And Whackim

HBO is planning to promote the new season of “Sopranos” by using Google Maps. Time Warner’s cable network plans to form interactive maps of New Jersey to keep track of the characters and where events occur, as well as a way to help viewers remember old storylines.

Geocoding the Conversation

It’s not enough that marketers/PR pros know what’s being said about clients/brands.

Google Acquires Measure Map Blog Analytics

It’s already all over the web, but we’re going to cover the announcement too. 😉

Google Measures Up Your Blog Stats

Google has announced the acquisition of blog analytics provider, Measure Map.

Google Makes Measure Map A Statistic

The Measure Map team has joined Google, bringing their blog stat/web analytics to the search advertising company and asking bloggers to request an invitation to join the service.