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France’s ‘Black Widow’: Did She Kill Her Lovers?

Daniel Cano is believed by many to only be the latest victim of a woman who’s been dubbed the “Black Widow of the French Alps”. Manuela Gonzalez stands accused of the 2008 drugging and murder of 58-year-old husband Cano. The suspect allegedly set the car containing his unconscious body on fire, leaving him to burn to death. His remains were …

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France’s Black Widow on Trial for Husband’s Murder

Manuela Gonzalez, a 53-year-old woman nicknamed the “Black Widow” of the French Alps, appeared in court as her murder trial began on Monday in Grenoble. She stands accused of the 2008 murder of her late husband, 58-year-old metal worker Daniel Cano, who police say she drugged and then burned to death in his car.¬†Gonzalez’ arrest attracted media attention when similarities …

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