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Charles Manson Still Bewitching Young Followers

One would think that Charles Manson is long past any effective influence on society. Aside from the occasional oddball who reads Helter Skelter and thinks Manson may have been on to something about this coming race war business, the perpetual inmate just wouldn’t seem like the kind of guy to attract acolytes. But that would be a wrong assumption. It …

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Bruce Davis, Member Of Manson Family, Granted Parole

Bruce Davis, 71, a former member of Charles Manson’s ‘family’, was granted parole on Wednesday. However, he may not get his wish of being a free man. Davis was convicted of first degree murder, and sent to state prison in California, on April 21, 1972. He was found guilty of murdering Gary Hinman, a musician, and Donald “Shorty” Shea, a …

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Charles Manson Denied Parole For Last Time

Infamous killer and mastermind Charles Manson was denied parole today for the 12th–and presumably last–time. He did not attend the hearing. 77-year old Manson was originally given the death sentence in 1972 for his role in orchestrating the murders of seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate, but the sentence was overturned after California declared capital punishment unconstitutional. He won’t …

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