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China Issues “Guide for Civilized Tourism” China Issues “Guide for Civilized Tourism”
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In China, general etiquette just became a law, specifically when you’re planning to travel. CNN reports that a massive tourism law went into effect on October 1 that aims to combat the perception of Chinese travelers behaving unpleasantly. The law …

Could The Web Make People Nicer?

Do you ever think that the Web will evolve to reinforce what everybody used to be trained to have – you know, manners? Anonymous commentary’s a bit of an exception (though commentators have been traced), but you never know – maybe all this transparency and instant communication will lead us into era where we watch our mouths better.

O’Reilly Turns Criticism Into Civil Discourse

After the uproar caused by his proposed code of conduct for bloggers, Tim O’Reilly could have let the subject drop into the deep waters of blogospheric controversy, only to be remembered as a cautionary tale, a footnote to the history of the Web.

“Rampant Rudeness on the Internet: What Would “Miss Manners” Say?”

Give some people a computer and an Internet connection and they think it’s a license for rudeness. What is it about the Internet that causes some folks to take all they learned about basic etiquette and throw it right out the window?

Do Your Table Manners Really Matter in the Business World?

When I was growing up, my family had dinner together every night. This was an important time for all of us to catch up on the day’s events, to share ideas and values, and of course, to learn good table manners.