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PR When Managers Take Control

Things can change fast! Tactics will probably no longer dominate the public relations plan. Instead, when needed, they’ll hopefully assume their properly limited role as the primary means for moving a publicity message from one point to another.

What Managers Might Not Know About PR

O.K., you manage something like human resources, distribution, special projects or finance for a business, non- profit, government agency or association. And, oh yes, you’re pretty darn good at what you do.

Managers: Don’t Write Off Public Relations!

There are those among America’s managerial cadre who will write off public relations because they’ve been getting little more for their PR dollar than brochures, special events, reporter chatter and press releases.

Managers: You Know YOUR Job, but What About Public Relations?

Sure, you’re a business, non-profit, association or government agency manager specializing in activities like sales, human resources, distribution, finance, program management or any of many other operating functions.

Managers: Should Your PR Budget Stress Tactics or Strategy?

If public relations tactics like special events, brochures, broadcast plugs and press releases dominate your answer, you’re missing the best PR has to offer.

Managers: Yes, You DO Need Public Relations

Why? Because sooner or later, virtually all business, non-profit and association managers must alter individual perception leading to changed behaviors among their most important outside audiences.

Why Web Managers are Leaders

The Web requires leadership if it is to achieve its full potential. That leadership will rarely be given by senior management. So that means it’s up to you.

Why Managers Need the PR Advantage

Where is there a business, non-profit or association manager who does not need all the help he or she can find in achieving their managerial objectives?

Managers: Super-Charge Your PR

Ain’t a gonna happen unless business, non-profit and association managers, possibly like you, do something positive about those important external audiences of yours that most affect your operation. And then, as you persuade those key outside folks to your way of thinking, help move them to take actions that allow your department, group, division or subsidiary to succeed.

Managers: Here’s a PR Template For You

Let’s start out with a caution for business, non-profit and association managers: the premise of public relations implies that the work you do BEFORE you use PR tactics, such as press releases, brochures and broadcast interviews, will determine the success of your public relations effort.

PR: Short Form for Managers

Experience tells me that too many business, non-profit and association managers pursue their goals and objectives largely without the insights, behavioral strategies and sheer power public relations can bring to the table.

1000 Managers Turned Their Plans Into Energy!

I bet you can’t tell me how leadership training and strategic planning work together to boost business results and energize performance improvements.

How Managers Hurt Their PR Results

Business, non-profit or association managers hurt their own public relations results when they become fascinated with PR tactics – press releases, publications and brochures and, particularly, fun-to-manage special events – while failing to plan for the perceptions and behaviors of the very people who probably hold their managerial success in their hands.

PR for Brand New Managers

Just promoted to manager? Here’s something you need to know.

Why Web Managers Need To Get On the Road

The better the web manager the more time they will spend out of the office; the more time they will spend in front of the reader.

Female Workers Benefit From Supportive Managers

Women advance up the corporate ladder when managers fulfill a supportive role. In a study commissioned by Texas-based computer maker Dell and market research firm Harris Interactive …

How Managers Can Help Retain Their Best Employees

A major problem for employers today is attracting the best talent, and then retaining key employees. Research shows that the key ingredient for retention lies within the manager’s ability to understand what employees really want.

Growing New IT Managers

Where will your next generation of IT managers come from? For most senior IT leaders, the answer is that they will hire them.

Managers Enable Happiness and Productivity

Among the latest batch of new manifestos available yesterday from ChangeThis is this great one …

Conflict between Managers and Shareholders
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In the catechism of capitalism, shares represent the part-ownership of an economic enterprise, usually a firm. The value of shares is determined by the replacement value of the assets of the firm, including intangibles such as goodwill. The price of the share is determined by transactions among arm’s length buyers and sellers in an efficient and liquid market. The price reflects expectations regarding the future value of the firm and the stock’s future stream of income – i.e., dividends.

Money Managers Say Goodbye to Harvard

A group of Harvard’s top money managers are leaving the university to start their own firm.