Who Will Manage The Online Ad Conversation?

Who Will Manage The Online Ad Conversation?

By WebProNews Staff November 8, 2007

The debut of Facebook’s Social Ads builds upon the path of “pull” advertising being walked in social media. It presents a challenge to the brands, marketers, and agencies who manage the advertising message.

Manage AdWords Like a Mutual Fund
One of the things that I like about Efficient Frontier’s pay-per-click services is their “marketplace” approach to managing campaigns. You effectively tell them what your end goal is (ROI etc) and they manage your PPC campaign, like a financial portfolio, to achieve your goals.

AOL’s Advertising.com to Handle YouTube Rival Ads

We have some news and then a big ‘ole mess to bring to your attention.

First, the news. AOL has announced that it’s Advertising.com unit would manage advertising sold on the new online video site being built by NBC and News Corp.

Using Microsoft CRM to Manage Client Projects

As a Microsoft partner, we help our clients implement the solutions they purchase. One challenge we have is how to track the project tasks so that we can:

Paid Search Tough to Manage

It’s no secret to those of us who deal with paid search every day that managing campaigns can be a handful.

Sales Recovery: How to Manage a Sale Going Wrong

Do you know the difference between which prospect you’ll close and which one you’ll lose?

B.U. Whitepaper Helps You Manage

Complex requirements in project management and lack of necessary management skills are two things costing companies billions of dollars a year in lost production. Boston University aims to help solve that.

When Does PR Help Managers Manage?

The quick answer is, PR helps managers manage when it (1) moves business, non-profit, government agency and association managers away from a preoccupation…

Manage Knowledgement (MK)

Manage Knowledgement is a way of describing KM that’s backwards but works. With KM, users were supposed to fill out forms as a side activity to extract their tacit knowledge.

Hints At ‘Gmail For Domains’ In JavaScript

Garett Rogers at ZDNet notices that hidden within Gmail source code are hints that Google is developing a future version of Gmail, “Caribou”, that will allow people to point their domain DNS servers at Google to use Gmail.

How to Manage Your Draft Blog Posts

Pascal offers some terrific insights on how bloggers can manage their draft postings.

Get Smart About How You Manage Your Content

Bringing more science to content management is in no way dumbing down. Rather, it is about getting smart.

How To Manage Directory Submissions

‘More than 80% of the traffic comes from the top ten search engines’.

How to Manage SEO

When it comes time to start an SEO program, companies should be sure to consider the types of training and knowledge it takes SEO specialists to perform SEO services for their web site, whether it is done through outsourcing or completed in-house.

Manage your iPod with Winamp

News earlier this week that the next version of iTunes will enable you to sync your podcasts directly with your iPod, without needing separate podcatching software, has been eclipsed by this news in Wired News about Winamp…

Publish The Website You Can Manage

Your job as a web manager must be about a relentless focus on quality. Always put quality first and you will create a website that delivers real and sustainable value.

Monsters in Meetings – How to Manage Unproductive Behavior

It happens easily. You’re conducting a meeting and suddenly a small side meeting starts. Then someone introduces an unrelated issue. Someone else ridicules the new issue. Everyone laughs, except the person who mentioned the idea. Then someone insults the person who told the joke. Two people stand up and walk out. Others complain that the meeting is a waste of time.