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NJ Mall Shooting Terrorizes Shoppers

Reports claim that a shooter dressed in full body armor has fired shots inside the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey. The gunman started firing around 9:20 p.m., which is shortly before the mall was scheduled to close. At least eight shots were reportedly fired in the vicinity of the Nordstrom department store that is located on the second …

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Sisters Ejected From Mall For Breast Cancer Hats

According to a report from Philadelphia news station ABC 6, Zakia Clark and her sisters were booted from the Philadelphia-area King of Prussia Mall on Sunday. The women were reportedly wearing hats emblazoned with the words “FUCK CANCER” in pink type, though not quite, as the letter c in the word fuck was replaced by a pink ribbon – a …

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Sharks Escape Into Mall After Tank Breaks

Sharks Escape Into Mall – that sounds like the perfect B-movie title, doesn’t it? Too bad Hollywood can never be as creative as reality when it comes to the kind of stories that exemplify the phrase “Truth is stranger than fiction.” RT reports that 15 people were injured when a tank containing three lemon sharks, dozens of other fish species …

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Bear at Mall: Pittsburgh Mall Gets Another Furry Visitor

Bear at mall: Shoppers at the Pittsburgh Mills mall were treated to a peculiar event when a bear wandered into Sears department store on Saturday, prompting officials to evacuate the establishment. After using the automatic doors to gain entrance to the store, the bear was spotted running up and down the aisles, growling as it went. According to witnesses, people …

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