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MH370 Report: Could Gap Be Why Search Is Difficult?

The MH370 report that has been anticipated for a long while was released yesterday along with the flight map, passenger manifests, and recordings from the communication with the plane’s pilot. Unfortunately, this small report could open Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control authorities to some criticism of their handling of the disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370. According to the report, which …

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Malaysian Airlines: Chinese Satellite Spots Object

Another image of debris has been picked up by a Chinese satellite on Saturday, giving new hope for possible answers to the near three-week missing Malaysian flight MH370. The image is in close proximity to the other satellite images found by an Australian satellite earlier this week, in the remote stretch of the southern Indian Ocean, a vast expanse of …

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The Search For Satellite Debris

The mystery of what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 remains unsolved, and it is now day 13. Today, the only glimpse of a possible answer to this unending puzzle is two pieces of debris in the Indian Ocean, approximately 1500 miles southwest of Australia. A massive international search has been underway for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, shortly after …

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FBI Joins Search For Missing Malaysian Airline

It seems like everyone is searching for the Malaysian flight that went missing on March 8 with 239 people on board. Teams from 26 countries have joined in the search and now the FBI has as well. They are currently investigating a home made flight simulator that belonged to the captain of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight and trying to …

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Malaysia Airlines Flight: What Experts Now Think

The theories have changed dramatically over the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370, which took off on March 8th at 12:41 am from Kuala Lumpur, but lost contact with air traffic control an hour later and disappeared from radar. When it disappeared from radar it was at 35,000 feet about 140 miles off the coast of Vietnam. It has been six …

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