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Makie Lab Shows Off Its 3D Printed Toys At CES

Early last year, Makie Lab entered the 3D printing scene with a super cool idea – 3D printed toys. In essence, they took Build-A-Bear Workshop and made it even more customizable thanks to the versatility of 3D printers. Now they’re at CES talking about the work they’re doing to bring toys into the 21st century. 3D Systems hosted Makie Lab …

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MakieLab’s 3D Printed Dolls Are Kind Of Terrifying

3D printers have been used for quite some time to make toys. Some of these toys are impossibly cool puzzles, while others are board game figurines. One company is now staking its fortunes on a line of 3D printed dolls. MakieLab, a London-based toy company, announced today that its first toy line, Makies, have passed certified as safe for children …

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