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Makeup Tips For Flawless Summer Looks

It’s summertime and everyone wants to look their best. Unfortunately, hot weather can cause makeup malfunctions and even if you spend hours putting together your look, it could end up turning into a melted mess on your face. If you want to look your best in spite of the heat and humidity, try some of these summer makeup tips that …

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Makeup Tips: From Nip Tuck To Subtle Tweaks

The Jenna Marbles makeup spoof went viral several years ago for two reasons. 1. It’s hilarious. 2. It’s hilarious because it’s true. 3. There is no 3 – but if you’re a profane-a-phobe, this is your warning that you might not enjoy Jenna’s video as much as the other 60 million folk who watched it did: When I was enjoying …

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Makeup Tips To Lighten Your Look For Spring

Spring is all about being light and cheerful and saying goodbye to the dark and gloom of winter. That means lightening up your makeup as well. While you don’t have to paint your face with pastels to celebrate spring, there are a few makeup tips that will give you a fresh and natural look that is perfect for Spring days …

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